Ladies can wear lingerie but what sexy things can men wear to turn women on?

Women can wear whatever they want to turn on a man; however, for men, this is a different game.  Venice has told me that if I wear anything but Manview briefs, it’s equivalent to her wearing granny panties.   Since the day she said that to me I went on a buying spree to buy as many Manview briefs as I can.  I have no idea who even makes them, so who knows when they will just vanish off the market.  I’m hoping to buy enough to last me a lifetime! male lingerie

No, we have never been sent free items from Manview.  We have no idea who makes them and order them randomly from eBay!

I won’t go much further into Manview briefs because I believe they aren’t the answer to a woman in lingerie.  In fact, I’d say they are a bit emasculating and riding the line of overly twink.  However, if your woman wants to see you in male  lingerie, you can always search for sexy underwear for men.   This is a slippery slope fellas.  Be careful!  It’s easy to go from Manview briefs, get a bit risky and start living on the underwear edge, and then start shopping for the worst men’s underwear ever made.

In this article we will try to focus on the manly things a man can wear that women are attracted to.  In fact, we’ve asked the question to anonymous females on Reddit and they seem to have come with some pretty cool ways for a man to turn women on with what he wears.

Sweatpants with no underwear

This seems to be the biggest winner with the women we spoke with.  Apparently, having a man in sweats is extremely manly, but getting hints of his bulge is that extra something that women seem to enjoy.  Who would have ever thought that women secretly admire men in sweatpants?  It’s like we have our own version of yoga pants!  I am unsure if women enjoy this type of look out in public from strange men (creepy), or prefer to see their own man in this attire.  It may be something about him openly sharing his bulge with the world that secretly turns his girl on.  Or it may be something she prefers around the house.   Personally, I’d be a bit uncomfortable walking around in public catching both men and women grundle gazing, but if it turns my girl on, I’m doing whatever it takes.   

I do have a funny story involving something similar, but it wasn’t sexy.

I was once in a hardware store wearing tracksuit pants and a tshirt.  These are very much like sweats, however they are just adidas tracksuit pants.  Much like sweats, they cling to the body.  I was wearing briefs, but just because you have on briefs, doesn’t make the bulge vanish.  In fact, I feel like it actually makes it worse.  Wrapping up our penis in a nice fox sleeping position inside of our pants, seems to create a much bigger bulge than just letting the little devil hang free, but who knows.  Either way, I am holding a large piece of wood (no pun), preparing to do some home improvement.  My daughter was with us, and for whatever reason, she started grabbing at my bulge, asking her mom loudly, “What’s this?!”   “Dad, what is that?!”   I couldn’t use my hands because I was holding wood, but I was swaying my hips back and forth trying to get her to stop touching me.  Finally I yelled out to Venice to stop her from grabbing at me.  

Embarrassing to say the least! male lingerie

Let’s see what Venice has to say about all this…

Venice:  If we are lounging around the house, I don’t see anything wrong with Ryan wearing a nice clean pair of sweatpants, fresh out the shower.  I wouldn’t be turned on at all if they were holey and full of stains. You can be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a slob.  Being a slob doesn’t turn me on.

If the sweats are worn right, clean, it can be extremely sexy.  As far as public goes, that would depend on the girl.  Some women may be turned on if they guy is handsome and well taken care of, because seeing his bulge is like window-shopping, seeing the goods, without ever seeing it.  Some women like being teased. But it works both ways.  Some women would be turned off and feel like the guy is a total creep.   It can be offensive, like eye-rape and being forced to see the outline of a man’s dick because it’s in her field of vision.   Kind of like how some of ladies do our breasts eh!?  We are sooooo creepy!

It’s a tricky situation.

For me, I love seeing my man get ogled. It’s hot knowing that your man is attractive to other people. Because *I* know he’s attractive, seeing women look at him when he passes by is not only validating, but turns me on.   This is probably why having threesomes with other women doesn’t offend or bother me.  I find it sexy to see a woman enjoy our sex life.

As far as my personal preference, I like Ryan wearing tight sheer briefs.  I love it when he takes his pants off and I can see EVERYTHING, but not really.  However, that’s my preference because his body looks good in that.  If he gained a bit of weight, I am sure I’d change my preference.  In fact, men should talk with their partner and find out what they prefer, rather than forcing a “sexy” look on us. Some of us don’t want to see the same type of sexy on a man, like how sexy looks on woman.   I won’t even talk about the time Ryan tried on a thong for me.  
No, just no.  Never again. 
Some women like men in the old school Dick Van Dyke boxers and a long white t-shirt.  Mature and sophisticated.  To each their own.

Other things men can wear that is comparable to female lingerie 

A suit.  

I know fellas, how unfun is this answer?  However, women are who they are and seeing a man in a nice suit drives them wild.  Not as sexy as showing off our junk to the world in some old sweats, but nonetheless, gets the engines going in the bedroom.  If only they made sheer tuxedos for us to wear?!

A tank top and some tight well fitting briefs.

Who knew that every prison on earth has ever man in his cell wearing exactly what turns women on.  Fellas, I guess it’s time to lock down the bedroom and get in our prison undies for the ladies.  


Sometimes a woman knowing that you are wearing nothing under your pants is all a woman needs.  If she lifts up your shirt and she can see the top of your hairy crotch, her imagination takes over. Sometimes it’s what a man doesn’t wear that makes him sexy.


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omg, the list of the worst mens underwear ever made is so humorous)))