Ladies can wear lingerie but what sexy things can men wear to turn women on?

Women can wear whatever they want to turn on a man; however, for men, this is a different game.  Venice has told me that if I wear anything but Manview briefs, it’s equivalent to her wearing granny panties.   Since the day she said that to me I went on a buying spree to buy as many Manview briefs as I can.  I have no idea who even makes them, so who knows when they will just vanish off the market.  I’m hoping to buy enough to last me a lifetime! male lingerie

No, we have never been sent free items from Manview.  We have no idea who makes them and order them randomly from eBay!

I won’t go much further into Manview briefs because I believe they aren’t the answer to a woman in lingerie.  In fact, I’d say they are a bit emasculating and riding the line of overly twink.  However, if your woman wants to see you in male  lingerie, you can always search for sexy underwear for men.   This is a slippery slope fellas.  Be careful!  It’s easy to go from Manview briefs, get a bit risky and start living on the underwear edge, and then start shopping for the worst men’s underwear ever made.

In this article we will try to focus on the manly things a man can wear that women are attracted to.  In fact, we’ve asked the question to anonymous females on Reddit and they seem to have come with some pretty cool ways for a man to turn women on with what he wears.

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