Sex Ed: A Guide To Muffing (Male / Female / Trans)

3ff9113d6a9e867ced2aa5e97a4dca8dThe term muffing has a few widely accepted meanings: one is oral sex on a female. Although I have never heard this slang word for oral sex, it’s easy to assume that because some people refer to a hairy vagina as a muff, to say you were muffing a woman seems to make sense I guess.  The other usage of the term is not so obvious. Originally coined by Mira Bellwether (author of Fucking Trans Women), the term muffing refers to the penetration of the inguinal canals on a male-bodied person. So what are these inguinal canals and why would anyone want to penetrate them?

Where are those canals?
The inguinal canals are located in the groin area, try moving your (or your partner’s) testicle to the side and rubbing around the area behind the scrotum. You’ll find a soft but tight hole on each side. That’s the inguinal canals, or rather, the openings called the subcutaneous inguinal rings! Testicles hide in these canals before puberty and drop out fully into the scrotum during early puberty, often referred to as when your “balls drop”. If a man is familiar with his body, or you are familiar with your man’s body, you may notice that prior to an orgasm you can watch his testicles disappear up into his body. Some men may not have disappearing testicles, but through watching porn, I think it’s safe to say that  a majority of men have their ball sac tighten up during an orgasm. This tightening sensation helps squeeze the testicles, and also puts more pressure on the prostate area by compacting the genitals in order to help with semen release and intensify the an orgasm. For some men, not only will the ball sac tighten, the testicles themselves will go up into their body.  The testicles also retract back into the body when we are cold, this is to protect them and keep them warm.  Most transwomen and cross-dressing men will be familiar with where these canals are, since they play a role in proper “tucking” (hiding the male genitals so a bulge can’t be seen).  Personally, my balls retract as I am about to orgasm, when I am cold (or cold water), and when I have to use the bathroom (bowel movements) really bad.  That may be a bit too much information, but my balls can retract back into my inguinal canals for another of those reasons mentioned.

Here’s an illustration of where inguinal canals are located:


How do you play with them?
Once you find them, don’t go trying to stick a few whole fingers in right away, the first time you play with them it may be a bit painful. Just like anal sex, start off small and slow. Try trimming the nail on your finger and playing around. Massage the area and put a little pressure on the hole, slowly pushing in a bit more each time. Your finger may slowly disappear into the hole or slide right in, depending on your anatomy. Once you’ve gotten use to your finger, you could possible try multiple fingers or a thin toy. I’ve even heard of someone penetrating them with normal penis-sized toys! It has also been said that some gay and transwomen can have intercourse this way, even giving their partner an orgasm while they are inside their inguinal canals. That’s not something to expect right away of course. Once you’ve gotten them loosened up a bit, try having your partner integrate muffing into oral play, with a little warm up, your partner may be able to penetrate them with their tongue!

Because I had such a hard time finding anything on Muffing, I decided to create a Gif myself.  You can clearly see from the Gif you can see how deep the inguinal canals runs.


Why play with them?
There are 4 major nerves in the groin area, all of them bring sexual pleasure and all deserve stimulation! The I nerve (or ilioinguinal nerve) runs through the inguinal canals, massaging, stroking and playing with your I nerve will also excite the G nerve (or genitofemoral nerve) and generally arouse you. The first time you stimulate them, they may be overly sensitive (they aren’t use to being played with yet!) so don’t get turned off if the first time isn’t the best. Just like discovering your prostate and anal nerves, these are pleasures that can really enhance sex (or your solo play), just make sure to not hurt yourself by over-doing it! The ilioinguinal nerve isn’t often directly stimulated with “normal” play. This is a whole new sensation to discover, especially if you’re looking for new things to add to your sex life or solo sessions.

Who muffs?
Anyone with a biologically male body can muff. As long as you have inguinal canals, you can try muffing. This isn’t something reserved for kinky homosexuals or super hard BDSM freaks, this is something anyone able can try and enjoy. Some transwomen enjoy muffing as a substitute for vaginal penetration, so if you have a lovely translady at home, be sure to introduce this idea to her!  Don’t be afraid to try new things!

I have read some reports that this can possibly cause hernia and other issues. 

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You’d think that big dick would be taking up all the space between his legs, but I guess not. So, I just learned that men have 2 separate hidden vaginas! Cool.

I’ve never called it muffing but I can see the reason. I am a hair freak and I can be a servant for your pleasure my Lady. I am orally talented and I specialize in the clot and the dick. If you want to know more email me