My Young Mind – Why I Love Ryan

Page 1The other day, Ryan (Mahal) and I were looking through his box of memories. It was filled pictures of me through various stages of my life, movie stubs, receipts from local movie rental stores, postage from care packages, candy wrappers, and letters I’d written to him while he was away at college. Sometimes on a roll of cash register paper that he’d have to unfurl to read, sometimes on cardboard packaging, and sometimes on college ruled paper. We spent most of that night looking at his memories. He cried a few times as he remembered how in love we were, and still are. It’s like we blinked and we went from being giddy teenagers without a care in the world to being married, raising our young, and spending our days together doing yard work and taking vacations and caring for each other.

Here is one of the letters that I wrote to Ryan reminding him (and me) of the many reason why I love him.  Please keep in mind, I was young and he was my first real love. Also, emoticons were around before computers!

1) he took my virginity

2) i took his virginity

3) he likes to talk to me

4) he listens to me when i bark

5) he licks my back and makes me feel tingly

6) when we kiss, he looks with his eyes open

7) he gets me drinks when i’m thirsty

8) he massages my feet when i just take off my shoes and they’re all hot and sweaty

9) i’ve felt every feeling except [anger] towards/with him

10) he’s my best friend in the world

11) he learned to comb my hair and make it tangle free

12) he puts puzzle pieces together and helps me find the pieces i need

13) he eats food from my mouth

14) he eats already chewed up stuff from my mouth, so all he has to do is swallow

15) he massages my back

16) he likes to go grocery shopping with me

17) i like how he looks in baggy jeans

18) he answers all my questions when i think he’s not paying attention

19) he licked my molars with his tongue

20) he ate ice cream off of me

21) i talk to him as my boyfriend or my best friend

22) he has a cutesy face

23) he has a cutesy smile

24) he has a cutesy butt

25) he has cutesy hands

26) when he’s mad he looks even more cutesy

27) he is a little shy boy

28) he’s a real talkative man

29) he says “ihh…you put ice in your milk! That’s gross” and then goes home and ices his milk

30) he rubs off on me

31) i rub off on him

32) we rub off on each other

33) he cares about my feelings

34) he cares if im mad

35) he calls me collect and says to call him back as his “name”

36) he talks like a little baby sometimes

37) he talks like a grown-up

38) he copies the things i do and say

39) he looks cute when he thinks too hard

40) he looks good with a shirt off

41) he reminds me to put my seatbelt and slow down when i drive too fast

42) he holds my hand (and sometimes puts his arm around me) in public

43) he made my bed

44) he knows how to share his toys

45) he gives me whatever i want

46) he gives me piggy back rides

47) he does what i tell him

48) he doesn’t let his eyes wander

49) he wrote poems for me

50) when we ice skate he holds my hand

51) he likes how i look

52) he sends me things in the mail

53) he kisses so well!

54) he has a cutesy face

55) he’s smart

56) he would never cheat on me

57) i get all his attention

58) he eats ghetto cheese and mountain dew

59) he likes the stories and poems i write

60) he lets me cut his nails

61) he wants to do nasty things

62) he asks to do nasty things

63) he cries when he feels like it

64) he lets me in the bathroom when he’s peeing

65) he learned a lot of things from me

66) he made me believe that i can really love someone

67) he shows me off

68) he started liking Jon B. when he only liked rap

69) he has a cutesy face

70) he is thoughtful to me

71) he makes my heart flutter

72) he’s honest

73) he likes to be clean

74) he likes to get dirty

75) he’s a deep thinker

76) I’m the happiest when I’m with him

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Great and honest article 😉

Awesome you still have your first letters!