Nipsey Hussle’s Last Words before he was killed.

Nipsey Hussle was gunned down on March 31, 2019, by Eric Holder.  Out of respect for Nipsey, we will not use the shooters name again.  Although technically we should say allegedly, there are eye witnesses that grew up with the shooter and personally saw him shoot Nipsey.  We will believe our own eyes on this one and not wait for the verdict.  

It is now being reported by those close to Nipsey and was there when he got killed, what he said to the shooter after he was shot.  Nipsey’s last words:   “You shot me.  You got me.  I’m good.”

Various articles and sources have suggested that these last words angered the shooter.  Make no mistake, the shooter wasn’t going to leave until he knew Nipsey was dead.  The only thing that would have possibly kept Nipsey alive, was if he had guys around him with guns.  Unfortunately, he didn’t. 

Lets put his words in perspective.  I do not believe Nipsey would have yelled anything out at a shooter walking away.  That wouldn’t make any sense.  However, he would have absolutely said, “You shot me.  You got me.  I’m good.” as the shooter was walking back towards him with his gun aimed at him.  This isn’t the first time we have heard the words, “Are you good?”  or “I’m good” as a way to submit to aggression.  In fact, we have seen many fights where a guy will be mounted, raining down punches, while asking the guy on bottom if he is good.  And we have seen may brawls where the guy getting beat up says “I’m good…” to stop from being punched more.   It’s a cool way to let the person know, you learned your lesson.

Maybe this is seen as a submissive act and people want his last words to be cool, like a good one liner from a gangster movie.  This isn’t a movie.  Nipsey said exactly what he said in hopes the shooter wouldn’t shoot him again.  “You shot me.  You got me.  I’m good.”   This wouldn’t enrage a shooter, if anything, it would call for the last bit of decency he had in his soul to let Nipsey live.  He didn’t.   

The reports suggesting that Nipsey’s last words enraged the shooter makes it seem like he was being rebellious, or had he just not said anything, he would have lived.  We disagree.  The shooter was doing the devils work that day, and much like the music we play on repeat over and over, handled a situation where he felt disrespected.  Because Nipsey was like a homie to all of us, we have our blinders on and want to see the shooter as a villain.  I know I do.   Rather than having to pick sides, let’s just go back to fair ones and fades.  Please.

If you have not seen the footage we will link it from  youtube but will not embed it.  

Now, his brother, Samiel ‘Blacc Sam’ Asghedom, has reported that he arrived to the scene before the ambulance and Nipsey was still breathing.  His brother also reported that he didn’t know Nipsey was shot in the head until the paramedics came and lifted him.  That is when he noticed the wound in the back of his head.

Watching the surveillance video, you can see the only time Nipsey had his back turned to the shooter was when he first ducked and ran, and when he was on the ground.  With the gun wound only being in the back of the head, the very first shot may have been to his skull.  Maybe it didn’t kill him instantly, maybe this is why he said what he said, and maybe this is why it seemed like his lower body was paralyzed when he rolled over.   Either that, or that first shot lodged somewhere in his spine.  You can tell when he rolls over, he couldn’t really move his lower body.

March 31 is a sad day, because we didn’t just lose a musician, we lost a man that would have probably went on to be a mogul.  Maybe even a billionaire.  We will never know.  

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