Our Amateur Sex Film Career in a Nut Shell – The Webcam Phase

Our Amateur Sex Film Career in a Nut Shell – The Webcam Phase

Prior to blogging, we were just a horny amateur couple on webcam having sex.  Back in our days there weren’t many options, but with sites like Firecams, it wouldn’t be that hard to get your genitals (foot) into the door.   It started off as a fun way to be kinky and orgasm with people watching.  And as soon as we came, quickly shutting off our webcam and vanishing into the night!  It wasn’t about money, much like our blog isn’t about money.  It was more about having an outlet to do something sexy and be the exhibitionists we were, legally.

Eventually, it did lead to us becoming professionals.  I say that semi smiling because as most of us know, when you do things for free, you are considered an amateur.  When you start making money, technically you are a professional.  So as professional webcam models, we started putting on private shows and doing whatever we were asked until their money ran out, or our bodies ran out.  Either way we became sex slaves to the sound of coins dropping in the chat.  Although this was lucrative and fun, it also can be taxing on your spirit.  You have to have thick skin.  Especially as a couple.  Although most of the experiences were positive, it’s that one rude comment that sticks with you after a show.  Eventually it just builds up.  After a while, we decided to hang up the old webcam and retire.   Our professional career didn’t last long, but for those that did catch us on late at night doing whatever it was they asked, I assumed they enjoyed themselves.   We did.

Moving on from Amateur Webcams

We then moved on to sex blogging and uploading videos of the things we blogged about.  As a lot of our long time readers know, we started our blog with a huge archive of our amateur sex videos we had uploaded. Some of our videos had millions of views, but nonetheless, we gradually we removed them.  Over time our bodies changed, jobs changed, and blog changed.   Originally it was all about step by step instructionals on how to deepthroat.   We figured it only made since to verify with videos.   But later our blog got more in depth with our lives, relationship, questions and answers, and less about teaching women to deepthroat or sniff cum like it’s a drug.

Sorry for all those that now visit our amateur webpage with promises of videos going along with our blogs only to be met with [DELETED].   The power of never being famous and making mediocre quality videos is that when they disappear, no one notices!  They used to tell us, “Don’t upload your sex videos because it’s online forever!”   In this day and age, don’t flatter yourself.  Your porn isn’t online forever if you aren’t deepthroating a dildo the size of your entire arm.  Not these days.  No one cares, and we aren’t as unique as we’d like to believe. There is just too much amateur porn floating around for anyone to care about yours.  Rather than fapping, saving it to the hard drive, and revisiting it later, it’s more about simply hitting the “favorite” button for later.  You can now go to the amateur videos on all the various porn websites, masturbate to the first 10 videos before you finally cum, and tomorrow there will be 10 more new ones waiting for you on the front page.  No one cares.  And in the past, people caring too much about what you do in your sex life was the biggest thing that kept amateur couples all over the world from uploading their random videos and sharing their sex sessions with the rest of us.

In hindsight, being an amateur webcam couple was a fun experience.  But we were doing that type of thing when it had so much negative stigma to it.  The idea that bad decisions haunt you forever was constantly in the back of our minds. It isn’t until you decide that sex isn’t bad or something you should be ashamed of that the stigma disappears.  Especially as a couple that is married or in a very committed relationship.  As we get older it has now became more of an issue of, “Dang, where is that old video where we looked so damn hot!  Why didn’t anyone save it!”  More and more webcam models and social media kinksters are asking their followers for old photos of themselves!  Not only did these things not haunt us, we regret not saving them ourselves.  I have found videos of us uploaded to random sites (not by us) years ago and redownloaded them to archive!  Not only did it not haunt us, it archived it for us so we get to keep our memory.

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hi, the experience is fun – 100% 😉

Don’t underestimate the uniqueness of your videos. I remember seeing a throatfuck video of yours and I haven’t seen anything like it since. The position, the forcefulness and the dirty talking were all very hot. Would you consider re-uploading your old clips?