Piercing My Penis – Frenulum Piercing

Notice the metal ball placement on Ryan's penis
Notice the metal ball placement on the penis

Piercing My Penis – Frenulum Piercing

A frenulum piercing is a type of body piercing located on the underside of the shaft of the penis. A series of parallel frenulum piercings is known as a frenum ladder. A frenum ladder may be extended to include lorum piercings, hafada piercings and guiche piercings.

Frenum piercings generally require from two to five weeks to heal fully. Depending on the placement it may be a surface piercing, but due to both the vascular, fast healing nature of the penis, and loose nature of the skin in that area, frenum piercings rarely reject if pierced properly, although they may migrate.

Those wishing to stretch this piercing to accommodate larger gauge jewelry should wait until at least two weeks after the initial piercing has fully healed. It is common for a frenum piercing to start to close soon after the jewelry has been removed. A fairly recent piercing may start to close in less than an hour. Temporary removal and replacement (for example, to accommodate a partner who finds it uncomfortable) may mean reinserting with a smaller gauge and then restretching to get back to the original, larger gauge. This tendency for the piercing to close up will diminish over time.

 That was boring.

Anyway, for those of you reading the blog, in the past I have pierced my lip, tongue, nipple, guiche, penis in multiple areas, ears, and nose.  Which piercings do I have left?  My penis and nipple, and although I do not wear them, my ears still have their holes.  I suppose my tolerance is a bit higher than most, but the frenum piercing was by far the easiest.  I barely felt any pain and had sex the same night it was pierced.  Although I would not advise anyone to do that, because the new piercing can become infected with the bacteria and whatever else is inside your woman.  I didn’t get infected though.  Thank you Venice’s pussy.

Pros and Cons of Piercing My Penis – Frenulum Piercing

Notice how the metal ball moves
The metal ball moves perfectly to the tip.

So let’s go into the pros and cons of this piercing.

With the right jewelry this piercing can feel great while receiving a handjob or masturbating.   In the pictures I have posted with this blog, the metal ball placement can move up and down.  Each area the ball hits is highly sensitive, at least for me.  Both areas are my preferred spots when a woman licks my penis.   As a woman strokes you, the piercing jewelry will slide back and forth, tapping each spot.  The more aggressive the handjob, the more aggressive the balls bounces back and forth.

A playful woman can also enjoy the piercing.   Whether it be sucking on it or tangling it with her own tongue piercing, it adds a new dynamic to oral sex.  A woman can lick around it, move the piercing with her mouth, or just enjoy the new texture the piercing creates, whether it is in her mouth of vagina.   You may also find her fondling you through the night, rubbing the piercing and penis.  It’s aesthetic.  You may be the only man she has ever seen with a pierced penis, so she especially enjoys it

If you don’t have a large cock and consider yourself “average” in size, a piercing can set your penis apart from the rest of the pack.  Imagine a girl flirts and playfully asks about your penis.  Unless you are hung like a horse, the only other interesting thing you can say about it is that it’s pierced.  It creates an immediate interest.  Whether she likes the idea of a pierced penis or not, she now wants to see it.

Venice gets no real physical effects from my piercing, other than it hurts.  It feels like it scratches and tears her insides, but I have heard from other women who claim they absolutely love the feeling.  I have not experienced this though, as my penis piercing as done nothing for Venice physically.  All the pros mentioned above are the reason I kept it, because although Venice doesn’t like the feeling, she loves how it looks.  However, I have started taking the piercing out during any sexual activity (which will eventually lead to getting rid of the piercing).  As of 2017, I no longer have this piercing because it became too much of a burden to remove it prior to oral sex or anal. 

The cons are very simple.  If your partner deepthroats, she would definitely rather their be absolutely no piercings on your penis.   Venice doesn’t just deepthroat, she is an absolute cock freak when it comes to oral sex.  With that said, she prefers no piercing.   The piercing is worrisome. No piercing is worth Venice not being able to do what she wants with my penis.

Another huge con for us, no anal sex.  I am sure there are people out there doing this, but the anus is not a vagina.  The skin is not as durable, and a lot of times if you are not well lubed, a penis without a small metal object can tear up an ass.   Imagine what a penis with a piercing can do.  No anal, not if you are smart at least.

Being that our sex life consists or regular anal and oral sex, most of the time I no longer wear my penis piercing.  Really, at this point, the only thing it’s good for is a picture.   Speaking of, I have added a gallery below.

Different penis piercings:

Ampallang, Apadravya, Hafada, Foreskin, Deep shaft, Dolphin, Dydoe, Frenum, Frenum ladder, Lorum, Magic cross, Prince Albert, Reverse  Prince Albert, Transscrotal

Image gallery of Penis Piercing – The Frenulum

For a more in-depth look at all the pros and cons.  We have created a new blog on the topic, The Pros and Cons of Piercing Your Penis 

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