Q&A: Is it acceptable for a man to wear a butt plug?

Is it acceptable for a man to wear a butt plug? –  @GeorgeOneill18 via Twitter

Venice’s Response:

The funny thing about butt plugs is no one knows you’re wearing it except to whomever you chose to reveal it. It’s kind of like a dirty secret between you and your lover. Unlike a new pair of heels or a fitted cap, you can’t publicly show a butt plug. There is no purpose to it. So why do I wear it? I wear it to feel sexy, to feel dirty, to know that there’s something between my legs other than my vagina and that if anyone ever found out, it would blow their minds. I wear it to boost my sexual confidence. I put it on secretly in the morning, then text pictures of me wearing it to my husband to tease HIM for the rest of the day.

So, yes, I absolutely think it’s acceptable for a man to wear a butt plug for all the reasons I just stated.

Ryan’s Response: 

Venice answered the question perfectly.  The only person that will ever know you have on a butt plug is people you want to show or tell.  Otherwise, it doesn’t matter.  Now, if you want to talk theoretically on whether or not a man wearing a butt plug would be considered gay, that is a whole other discussion.

Being called gay or considered gay by someone else is simply a label. Everyone likes to label things because it helps them understand it. They are simple minded, and the way a simple mind works, they need labels.  However, that label has no effect on your life unless you let it.  If you do not consider yourself gay or bisexual, then guess what?  You aren’t gay or bisexual, regardless of what others want to label you.  Your ass is your ass. Your body is your body.  Nothing makes you gay except you saying you’re gay.  Even if it’s a man’s finger, a penis, or a one time experiment, you aren’t gay unless you consider yourself gay.   Being gay isn’t a race, or a permanent tattoo that once you try something, no matter how you feel, you are forever gay.  Maybe to simple close minded people, but who cares what they think.

I’ve never used an anal butt plug, because truthfully it just doesn’t feel good to me.  However, the tip of the finger during a blow job feels absolutely amazing.  Having my legs scooped up and being tongue fucked feels even more amazing.  My rim area is highly sensitive and I love the feeling of that area being played with.  It’s my g(guy)-spot.  However, I hate the feeling of that area being penetrated too deep. There is an area, about maybe an inch and half inside, that once penetrated, feels awful to me.  I’ve always had a sensitive prostate, so this is just my preference.  Do I care that I openly enjoy having my ass licked, tongue fucked, or played with by other women?  Nope.   It’s my body I decide what is acceptable.  If some people decide to call me gay because two women tongue fucked me in the ass together, then I will just be gay to them.  And trust me, if I enjoyed wearing a butt plug, I would wear one.

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Q&A: Is it acceptable for a man to wear a butt plug? http://t.co/vGnImq8AR4 great post! And well said Ryan! @venicebloggs

My first time being plugged was a gay friend of mine. I went over to do some work for him. He came to the door out of breath sweating, said he just got done with things. As I was shown what needed to be done we go to the bedroom where I was putting in a ceiling fan. I saw two dildos and a butt plug. I asked about it. He said take down your pants and try it. He cleaned it, put a condom on it, lubed me and it up good, fingered me some then slid the medium plug in. Once in he asked me to wear just my boxers. After a few minutes I was very aroused, he saw that and told me to take care of it. When I left I still had the plug in my ass and a empty ball sack.

I like the feeling of having a full arse, courtesy of a butt plug, complete with nipple clamps and a cock ring for a full and complete orgasm. This has come about over time but I do not consider myself gay as nothing can take the place of a woman for me personally.

My second time that I plugged myself was when my wife was at work and I was waiting for he to come home. When I heard the car pull up I opened the curtain and showed he my butt through the window and she had a big smile on her face. She came into the house and sat beside me on the sofa and we started right away and the end was full explosive climax and I still had my plug inside. now I still have them and I enjoy having my butt full and stretched.

You’re only gay if you have special feelings towards guys that you’d normaly have towards girls. getting fucked in the ass or sucking a dick and swallowing doesnt make you gay, animals do it too, dolphins have male-male sex three times a day, because they practice for when they get a mate. if youre willing to have sex with a man, is like being into kinky stuff, youre willing to do a little more.

we have a prostate that can only be reached trough our rectum, a rectal orgasm is the most powerfull orgasm a gay could ever feel, if youd like a comparison in strenght id say between a guy cuming and a female cuming from from vaginal penetration(not from her clit). but keep in mind, a special part in your brain triggers when you get hard, it allows you to be pretty much in for anything sexually when youre excited, so IF you ever get an oppertunity to have gay sex or something diffrent, THINK ABOUT IT WHEN YOURE NOT EXCITED!!!! This way youll make the right desiscion, and it wont haunt you for the rest of your life that you made a mistake.

Stimulating the prostate is another way of achieving the big O. An anal plug is a great toy for getting you there. Just by inserting the plug then contracting and releasing the sphincter muscle will instantly start feeling good. I’m sick of the “gay” labels. Stimulating the prostate is no different than masturbating.

I can see why straight guys are afraid of the gay label, but it shouldn’t stop them from getting a good ass fuck. I know straight guys who are into butt plugging for long periods of time. One thing about many straight guys who ARE into butt plugging is that they’re much easier to talk to about my being gay. But more important and a bonding type of thing is I can bond with gay or straight men who also love ass play.

I like your explanation and Yes I am gay and married but the but play came into our life only about a year or two ago, that was for us, together. For me alone having something in my ass. I was about 9 or 10yrs, alone in the house, brothers ay school and I alone with mom. I was in the attic when I got aroused somehow and I inserted a smooth round stick inside and in no time my penis was up. and that was the beginning and the rest is history. I love it when I feel plugged.

I would love to suck a cock or take one up the ass, but I am not attracted to males and am certainly not gay. I have been faithfully married for 30 years but I love a butt plug in my ass as it gives me heightened sexual stimulation, My wife knows this and will oblige me. She is very turned on by lesbian sex. Neither of us are gay and don’t apologize for anything.

Fair play to you. I’m also straight but would happily enjoy sucking a good looking cock with a generous girth especially if I had encouragement from my other half. I think that could be quite hot but I definitely do not consider myself gay or bisexual.

I love eating pussy and shoving my tongue up a girl’s ass. But I have occasionally given a blow job to a guy and swallowed every bit of cum. I have zero romantic interest in guys but once in awhile, I really like to just have sex with them.

This is a GREAT question. I too totally enjoy prostate and and butt plugs. The orgasms I acheive with a plug in my ass don’t compair to other orgasms. My wife really enjoys anal sex, but after 2 years of marriage, she is still gets a little nervous playing in my ass. I often lube up and insert a toy in my ass before going down on her. She gives me amazing head and doesn’t mind knowing the toy is n my ass. I love the fullness feeling of having my prostate stimulated, but I personally don’t enjoy the anal friction that my wife does. Enjoy your lover and always make the best of your time on this planet. It’s your body, ENJOY IT!!!

Are the Butt Plugs made for women pleasureable if worn by a male?
I’m very curious and want to try it. My wife wears one and swears it is ten times better with it in. Will ME wearing one enhance my pleasure and orgasms?
Not asking for a friend, asking for ME !!

Do you like a finger inside your anus while getting a blow job? Try it and let us know!

I am 65 and at the minute as horny as hell I am interested in having sex with a transexual as have never had a transexual experience before I want to give and recieve anal sex some thing my wife will not entertain I am not gay but I am really curious what it will be like

I love the feel of my ass being plugged with buttplug,I used to be strictly gay but now probably bisexual and lean more to being straight

puting something big in ass does effect on my penies

puting something big in ass does effect on my penies

I am a 70yr male and enjoy anything anal. I regularly put a plug inside or I use a 2″ tunnel plug. I wish I could get a 2 1/2 ” plug but my butt does not open far enough at least that is what my four fingers tells me when I try to insert them in my butt. I can not get it passed my Knuckles and when pushing I touch my knuckles so I know I can’t go any deeper unless someone on the web knows a trick or two.

How do you give yourself a prostate massage?

Your article helped me a lot, is there any more related content? Thanks!

Can you be more specific about the content of your article? After reading it, I still have some doubts. Hope you can help me.