Quarter 3 2013: Top 10 Sex Blogs

top10Our reviews are based off a database which keeps track of various categories:   Media, Originality, Updates, Variations, Entertainment, and a few other categories which will remain unpublished.  We have a few trusted friends and fellow authors helping us rate each blog submitted.  We then calculate and review the top 10 blogs in the database.    Yes, we have an actual system.  However, our system is still just our opinions.  No blog listed below will be eligible for another Top 10 list until the end of the year Annual Top Blogs list (the only blogs eligible for the ‘year-end Top 10 list’ must be a previous quarter listee of that same year, and must have our top 10 logo displayed somewhere on their website we can see).

This quarter we added another element to our blog criteria: Twitter accounts.  I was surprised to find so many sex blogs out there without a Twitter account.  Twitter allows you to talk to your readers, provide instant feedback, updates, and events.  If you pride yourself in being a 21st century blogger, you have to offer the means in which you can keep contact with your readers.  Here we present our top 10 blogs of the second quarter of 2013: (twitter / blog url)

Honorable mention:

“I Married A Sex God”-  (I Married A Sex God)
This blog made my list as an honorable mention because she has no twitter.  I love her articles and her attitude.   I also just find her blog outright entertaining, from her ESP to her wolf-like Sex God of a Husband.   The blog is a great read and it shows you the insight of a woman who refuses to tame her wild sexual wolf of a husband.

10. @nerve (Nerve)
I love seeing other people’s confessions.  I don’t know if they belong to the composer or even if they’re true or not.  The fact that there is at least one person out there who can relate to your secret makes you feel less lonely and discriminated against. Confession of the day: “I recently started dating again.  It’s funny how I do things different nowadays.  For instance, I wash my balls extra thorough.”

9.  @PornConfessions (Confessions Of A Porn Store Owner)
Porn Confessions keeps me thoroughly entertained with real, horrifying Craigslist ads, complete with screenshots of the alleged perpetrators. “Just a nice clean in shape guy looking for companionship willing to pay for dinner and a movie for a good night out. The only thing I ask is that you are not overweight.  Call me shallow if you want. I’m just looking for a date. Its my birthday.” See Craigslist Confessions.

8. @NatiraDarius (Diary Of An Owned Slave)
I am unfamiliar with the Master/slave (M/s) lifestyle.  I never took the time to understand it, so upon entering Anastassia’s blog, one of my first tasks was to read the “Procolomation of Servitude.” Anastassia’s beautifully-written oath to her Master is fascinating and something to respect, even if you’re unfamiliar with servitude.  Her site reads like a sex diary interspersed with daily musings and real life situations.

7. @remittancegirl (Remittance Girl)
Remittance Girl has a way with words that make me (yes, me!) feel simultaneously dirty, sexy, and aroused. With a delicious opening line like “His thick, inked arm felt like a fleshy cage, trapping her in the bed” from Sorry This Number Is No Longer In Service which connotes strength, bad boy, overpowering, and animalistic brute, one can’t help but to continue reading about this eloquently-written sexual experience.

6. @AnalAmy (Anal Amy)
If I see anything with “anal” in it, you’ve already caught my attention. Per her bio, she was given her namesake in high school.  Admittedly, if, as a high schooler, I’d known a girl who loved anal, I would think she was nasty.  Today, I’m envious, I’m curious, and I want to give her a high five for figuring out that every guy loves it. EVERY guy. If you’re a guy who denies it, you’re probably not getting it.  Check out The First Guy To Lick My Ass, an erotic tale of the first guy who licked her ass, which of course, led to a steamy anal session.

5. @Bambi_Kiss (Girl Uninterrupted)
What I like about this blog is the various ways in which she presents her thoughts to her readers.  Expect frank confessionals, an erotic photo, or something that reads like a naughty poem (see The Thin Line ).  This variety helps to keep my interest rather than having to see a picture with no background or a story with no visual accompaniment, both of which I can appreciate on their own.

4. @blogdangerously (Blogging Dangerously)
Sex blogging isn’t necessarily about sex, but the person who envelopes and shares your sex life.  “Kit” writes about her relationship with her husband, who is a key person in her blog, naturally.  She’s not explicit or graphic in her writing, but I can related to the emotional bonding she has with him. She focuses on her connection with him and their family, which are just as important as maintaining a healthy life in and out of the bedroom (see Husband).

3. @suggestive (Suggestive Tongue)
Lorelei is a Psychology college student who specilizaes in Gender, Sexuality, and Queer studies. Knowing that, I couldn’t wait to see her thoughts on the woman who said she couldn’t marry her man unless she made 300 sandwiches for him.  She writes, “If I were to break down a stragner’s relationship and were to find a series of disrespect, minimizing feelings, an imbalance of care or affection, a lack of trust or empathy, or straight out physical or emotional abuse, for instance, I would view that as a “wrong” relationship.”  Some people will agree with her, other won’t. Judge for yourself: Is There A Wrong Way To Date.

2. @msnaughty (Ms Naughty)
Ms. Naughty is not your run-of-the-mill sex blogger.  She’s done things, she’s been places, and I consider her knowledge (of breadth and depth) to be a breath of fresh air.  See Aspiring Male Porn Performers. Her advice is real and to the point. “Could you, potential straight male porn star, get hard and jerk off in front of a group of other men you don’t know – say, several large bearded members of a motorcycle club – then come on cue and then do it again ten minutes later? If that sounds difficult, you might want to reconsider your ambitions. (If it sounds easy, you might want to consider your sexual orientation)”

1.  @CarrieAnn_ (View From The Floor)
Have you visited Carrie Ann’s blog? Her mind is sharp and her tongue is even sharper.  Since discovering her blog, I found myself totally engrossed with her posts and don’t-give-a-fuck attitude.  I invite you to read this: Sex Positive Hypocrite, for a perfect example.  She’s so damn amazing.

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