Random Moments – Sleeping Beauty

sleeping beautyDuring work at about 2 P.M. I got a text message from Venice saying she had a bad headache and she was headed to the store to buy some Ibuprofen.  It’s allergy season so I figured it was no big deal.   At about 5:30 P.M. I see her car pull up to my office and she gets out and switches seats.  I call her on her cell and ask what is going on. She tells me she is tired and needs me to drive her home.  She felt guilty because she knew I wasn’t off yet and offered to sleep in the car until I was off work.   Of course I immediately close down and go outside to see what is wrong with her.  She asked if I could leave my car at work and drive her home.  She can’t seem to stay awake.  I agree, but ask if I need to take her to the hospital.  Something just wasn’t right.

She refuses and says she is just tired and hungry.  I thought to myself that maybe her diet and lack of sleep has strained her body and she needs a good meal to get a jump start.  I ask if she wants to go somewhere to eat and she does.   On the way to the restaurant she can’t sit up straight or keep her eyes open.  I ask her again if she needs to go to the hospital, because she isn’t acting tired, she is acting lethargic.   She responds that she is just tired from staying up late doing briefs for work and it’s finally just hit her.

sleeping beauty 2During dinner she doesn’t really say a word and is moving extremely slow. Although it was worrisome, I knew she only had 4 hours of sleep the night before and just figured she was extremely tired.  As she finished her plate, I noticed her energy level changed a bit and she seemed to wake up just a bit.   She asked if we could stop by the mall and try a few shirts on for casual Friday.  For me this was a good sign and I figured the meal worked and she had a little more energy. I agree, so we head to the mall.

She actually took a few selfies trying on the shirts, and looking back at those photos now I laugh.  I can see how tired she was, yet she was still taking selfies in the mirror seeing how an outfit looked on her.

The next morning we were carpooling to work (my car was still at the office) and both laughing about how tired she was the day before.  I asked her, “Are you sure those Ibuprofen you took weren’t sleeping pills, because you were a walking zombie.”  She searched through her bag and looked for the pills she purchased the day before.  When she found them she started laughing and showed me the bottle.

At 2 P.M. during work, Venice took 2 IbuprofenPM.   sleeping beauty

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I was literally worried to death about you reading this V. Good Morning guys❤️

She accidentally took a sleeping pill! lol