Random Moments – Sleeping Beauty

sleeping beautyDuring work at about 2 P.M. I got a text message from Venice saying she had a bad headache and she was headed to the store to buy some Ibuprofen.  It’s allergy season so I figured it was no big deal.   At about 5:30 P.M. I see her car pull up to my office and she gets out and switches seats.  I call her on her cell and ask what is going on. She tells me she is tired and needs me to drive her home.  She felt guilty because she knew I wasn’t off yet and offered to sleep in the car until I was off work.   Of course I immediately close down and go outside to see what is wrong with her.  She asked if I could leave my car at work and drive her home.  She can’t seem to stay awake.  I agree, but ask if I need to take her to the hospital.  Something just wasn’t right.

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