Random Moments With Us – Soda Run

streakRyan gets out of bed nude to grab his soda from the kitchen.  As he comes back to the bedroom with his tail wagging, he anxiously asks:

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey, hey…


Ryan: Hey, I left my drink in the car.  Do you think I need to put on my robe to go get it real quick?

Venice: Yea, you should probably put your robe on.

Ryan: But it’s dark…

Venice: Yea, but you should still put your robe on.

Ryan darts out of the room like a little kid excited to share his pee pee with the world.  As he runs past the garage door to his vehicle, our garage light sensor spots him and turns on our inside garage lights.  Our outside motion lights then also detect him and shine on his naked body like a center stage spotlight.  The neighbor’s dog sees the lights and begins to bark furiously.  Ryan clicks the unlock button on his car door a few feet away from it hoping to quickly dive in and grab his drink.  Unfortunately, the unlock button automatically shines the headlights on him, and brake lights, and the inner car lights.   He hears the neighbor open the side door to yell at his dog and immediately aborts mission.

A few moments later Ryan walks back in the room naked without his soda.

Venice:  Are you alright?

Ryan: Yea, I think I should get my robe or something.

Venice: Yea, probably.

The hilarious details of Ryan’s failed Nude Mt. Dew Ninja Mission were given after the fact.


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