Review: Full Automatic Piston and Wriggle Rotation Male Masturbator

Review: Full Automatic Piston and Wriggle Rotation Male Masturbator

Well, other than a Fleshlight, I have never really tried any male masturbator toy.   After my first experience with an automatic masturbation machine, I am extremely interested in trying more!   As a couple that reviews products, there are a lot of things your partner can do while you use this toy on your penis.  Later in our review we will go over how we used it together!

First things first.  I opened the box, which was sent to me by Secrexy, direct from Hong Kong.  If you are from the United States and deal with shipping from overseas, you already know that it may take a bit longer for your product to arrive.  However, it does arrive, and I am sure glad it did!  The first thing I thought when I hit the power switch was:

Omg, it is a Kanye album in a box!

No, I don’t mean this masturbator was a weird black man in a box yelling at me about how he is a genius and I should appreciate him more for his fashion ideas.   I mean it has flashing lights!

After I started playing with the buttons and seeing how things would pump, spin, twirl, thrust, light up, sparkle, and dance in my lap, I totally changed my mind and thought of this:

So, if you want to put your penis through the above situation, this is the toy for you!   And I mean that in every single way.

So our night started with Venice oiling me up with coconut oil.  This is usually how we start our intimacy these days.  She will sit between my legs with her top off and slowly oil up my penis and balls while she talks about her day.  Eventually the conversation will get more intimate and we will start to get into each others’ heads with compliments and sexy talk.  I may tell her how she is the most amazing wife in the world, how much I love her eyes, her breasts, and just compliment everything about her.  The endorphins released due to the massage make Venice seem almost angelic to me.  I literally get high from her touch. This euphoric feeling makes me feel so in love.  For us, this works. Men, you know how sometimes you can be alone masturbating and your mind can go off into the dirtiest fantasy in the world. No one ever knows what you’re actually thinking about, but you are far off into another dimension of kink.  This is like that, except your partner is doing it for you.  Like a little martian that sits inside your head feeding you dirty thoughts until you cum.

Or I could just say a she gives me an amazing handjob while talking dirty to me.  Whatever, to-may-to, to-mah-to.

Once I was erect and oiled up, we grabbed the Male Masturbator and started up the spin and pump cycle.  To be honest, I was pretty scared to put my penis inside.  It just didn’t seem safe to me.  One wrong move and my penis could end up being spun up like hair caught in an axel!  I disregarded my negative thoughts and let my penis slide inside the machine.  Now, your experience may vary depending on the circumference of your penis.  For me, it was extremely snug.  This sounds like a good thing, but not when it is spinning with little rubber knobs inside it.  However, my immediate reaction was an audible moan.  If you can imagine sticking your penis inside a car wash, that’s exactly what it felt like.   Venice looked at my face and she could tell I enjoyed it.  I let her know that I was probably going to cum quick.  I let go of the machine and it automatically spun around to her so she could see my dick inside of it.  It has a small window on one side so you can see your dick and all the flashing lights inside it.  She held it with one hand and watched closely as the machine put on a light show.   She then slid one of her fingers down to my anus and slid it inside me.  She wiggled her finger around and penetrated me just enough so that she could massage my prostate.  Although this felt amazing, I got caught up in wondering what would happen if my dick slipped out.  This caused me to go flaccid after a few minutes.  I pulled the machine off my dick and let Venice finish me off. 

As much as I would like to lie and go into detail about how good it felt, Venice and I spend intimate time together twice a day together.  Because of this, I have grown accustom to certain sensations that I can get from a real person in order to achieve a release.  We have done this as part of our circle now for over 5 years.  I know that seems like a weird flex, but that’s our reality.  And because of that, I have a hard time appreciating things I know under any other circumstance, would feel like the best thing I had ever felt.  I think for a man that doesn’t have a significant other that is willing to please him when he needs it, you’d be an absolute fool not to have a machine like this.  I mean that.  Although it doesn’t simulate a real woman, or compare to a massage from a girl that knows all your spots, it’s the best thing I have felt touch my penis other than Venice’s hands.  It got me immediately high and I felt orgasmic almost instantly…. and I’m not selling shit.

Disclaimer:  In my experience, which is what I write my reviews from, if your penis is thicker than average (5.5″ and higher in circumference), I’d suggest lubing up extremely well.  If there are areas of your penis that are not lubed up properly, it can be extremely rough on the skin.  I had an area on my penis that got rug burn / cock burn because it was a snug fit. I didn’t notice until the next day.  Whether I liked it or not, that thing was going to spin cycle my dick.   In other words, be careful!  It feels so good you may not notice it’s spinning the skin off your penis.  Lubricate properly!

I posted a gif below of the actual item, but unfortunately it is a bit dark.  It’s the inner cup (filled with a soft silicone sleeve) that spins and pumps at various speeds.   The battery is rechargeable, but I was not able to wear the battery down to find out how long it will last.  For me, it was extremely easy to use.  The instructions were not in English, but I figured it out.  The only real question I had was about charging.  There is an on and off switch, and it seems like when you charge, make sure the switch is on.  This lights it up to show you it is charging.  If the switch is off, there are no lights.  I assume the off button cuts all contact with the power.

For clarification, some of the features mentioned on the website I didn’t experience.  The hole in the lid is not shaped like a vagina, nor does it feel like one.  It feels good, but not like a vagina.  The inner sheath is more like a vagina of a super hero that can rotate on your penis at the speed of light, while thrusting up and down tirelessly while flashing laser beams from her clit like a human pussy disco ball.  Also, the “real person vocal interaction” is a recording.  You can put headphones on and listen to what appears be an Asian woman moaning while another female is whispering instructions.  This feature is hilarious but admittedly still very sexy.  I bet if you were watching hentai on your PC and listening to this thing, you’d cum pretty quickly.

Information from their website.

Price: $149.99

Full Automatic Piston and Wriggle Rotation Male Masturbator

1. Full Automatic Piston
2. Full Automatic Wriggle Rotation
3. 42℃ Intelligent Heating
4. Real Person Vocal Interaction
5. Multiple Angles Adjustable Strong Suction Cup
6. Soft and Elastic Material, Realistic Vagina

Item Specifics:
Item Type: Masturbator
Gender: Male
Material: ABS, TPE
Vibration Modes: 10 Modes
Power: Rechargeable
Color: Black
Size: 390mm × 100mm (15.35″ × 3.94″)

Package included:
1* Masturbator
1* Charging Cable

We are not affiliated with and get no revenue from this review.  We are just sharing our experiences with our readers.  This item was sent to us as a promotional product, with a disclaimer from us, that if we did not like the product, we will not review it.  

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The review is so detailed! Thank you for sharing your experience!