The Reality of Having Sex in a Pool

The Reality of Having Sex in a Pool

Sex in a swimming pool, or any body of water makes for a great erotic story.  These erotic stories help young couples decide to follow their fantasy and jump into a pool late at night, take off their swimming suits, and… shred their genitals into hamburger meat for the cause.

Sex in a Pool is clean and fun!

Wrong.  Sex in a pool is extremely unhygienic.  Although a pool properly chlorinated should be clean, it still may still contain bacteria that can lead to an infection.  It also disrupts the natural pH balance of your vagina. This can also lead to an infection. Since usually you swim in a pool and do not shove the water back and forth inside your vagina like a gutter system, it’s okay. If this is a public pool, who knows what other types of things will be filtered in and out of your vagina as well. 

Sex in a Pool is safe though right?  I mean, the chlorine kills all the diseases.

First, it is nearly impossible to use a condom while having sex under water.  Unless you want to turn your penis into a water balloon, the chances of probably having protected sex is slim to none.  And no, you are still very much at risk of STDs/STIs, even more so, because of the natural tears that occur in the vagina and penis due to the water dissolving your natural lubrication.  These tiny tears can transfer various sexually transmitted diseases from one another.  Which leads us to our next question.

Sex in a Pool feels amazing though!

The entire reason we decided to write this blog is because of this misconception.  Sex in a pool for us, feels awful.  No amount of natural lubrication, saliva, or store bought lube works if things get intense.  As the penis moves in and out of a females body, it slowly gets less and less lubricated because the pool water dissolves the lubrication. In turn, this removes the lubrication inside a woman.  This can literally turn your genitals into hamburger meat.  

Okay, so everything about Sex in a Pool is bad.  Thanks a lot guys.

Relax, there is still a few things about sex in a pool that can be fun!  For instance, the act of doing something in public is always kind of exciting and fun.  I am sure we can go over a huge list of why having sex in an elevator is inconsiderate, dangerous, and impossible to do safely, but it’s still something risk takers love to do.  The idea of a camera being present even makes it more kinky.  And sometimes being kinky and raunchy is more thrilling than the actual act itself.  I know when Ryan and I had sex on the beach with various people standing around us taking photos, it was exciting and fun.  I stayed dripping wet just knowing how wrong it was.  Although the sand on his penis didn’t feel great, it was probably one of the kinkiest things we have ever done.

And on another note, look at how fucking cute it is to see a man cum under water?!   Ladies, grab a ziplock bag or get your waterproof phone, and take photos of your man making sperm circles with his penis under water!




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I didn’t like sex in the water…

Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.