Sex Games For Couples: The Cocktail Party

Sex Games For Couples: The Cocktail Party

The Cocktail Party.  What can make sex more fun and playful than turning it into a game? Throughout our years of marriage we have came up with ideas that we may or may not have actually used. But nonetheless, we have decided to share our ideas with our readers. Some of these sex games may help with communication or kinky secrets, some may be for sex parties, but others just may be simple quick fun to use as foreplay. If you and your partner have your own games, please share in the comments below or email us ideas!

Cocktail PartyThe Cocktail Party 

This is not a game in the since that there is a winner or loser, but instead more of a challenge or idea that you both understand.  The key to sex games isn’t to make up some weird game where there are a bunch of rules to follow; rather, the purpose of sex games is to add a bit of variety and fun to your sex life. The goal to this game is to create unique cocktails based off the sex your having.

So let’s start with what the Sex Cocktail actually is. The Sex Cocktail is the juices left inside her body (Creampie) and on his penis after sex. Whether you have both performed oral sex prior, leaving each other wet with saliva, sweat, used coconut oil as lubrication, and then both came together, leaving the vagina and penis soaking with all your bodily fluids, this is what your sex tastes like. In other words, this is your Sex Cocktail. This Cocktail is either considered a burden or a mess (some people consider this gross or “icky”), or something special and the taste your bodies make together. It’s not a far out concept, as cleaning up creampies after sex isn’t a new idea. However, building up the mindset that the mixture of all your juices together isn’t just a freaky after sex act, but more of a special way to taste the flavors your bodies make together, adds a whole new spice to the bedroom. Especially when you both start suggesting that you use the dick to stir up the cocktail after you’ve both came, as to get all the juices mixed together. In fact, the funnest part of this game for us is all the dirty talk about making the cocktail. Whether Venice is telling me how excited she is to taste our cocktail after sex, or how she will ask me to grind my dick as deep as her vagina allows, as to make sure all her hidden juices are also left dripping off my cock when I pull out of her.  This type of talk has now taken over our bedroom at the moment.

It’s less of a game and more of a mindset.

This concept all started during threesomes when the third woman in the group would lick Venice after I came in her or suck on my dick and clean us both up afterwards. Although this wasn’t something we had ever talked or thought about prior to having threesomes, more of something we learned during our experiences. After an orgasm (Venice or mine) I would pull my dick out with the third girl laying under Venice licking her clit. I’d aim my wet dick down over her mouth and see if she was interested in cleaning up our juices. I assume most women joining couples for threesomes are over their “prude” stages, because this was something that each girl seemed to expect as apart of sex with a couple. At first it shocked me to see someone so willing to clean off my dick during and after sex, or just openly lick our fluids out of Venice’s vagina. But then it just became sexy and a form of dirty talk. We started asking the other girl if she enjoyed how our bodies and sex tasted. Of course, still horny and in the mood, the other girls would be delighted in letting us know our sex tasted so good. It was sexy and flattering to know there were people out there that would help Venice and I have great sex, then afterwards taste the combination of our juices and moan like it was the most delicious thing ever.

From that point, I asked Venice if this was something she was interested in adding to our daily love life. Although it wasn’t something we hadn’t done before, we just hadn’t practiced it purposely with the mindset that this was more than just some kinky random moment. This excited us both. During sex we started talking to each other about the Cocktail (how my cock would taste after sex) or how excited she was to taste our sex after I came and stirred her insides. It then took on a life of it’s own and is just something we now do naturally as our own bonding process.

Cocktail Paty Game Cards FrontThe Cocktail Party

So now that we have explained the Sex Cocktail and where it came from, we can explain The Cocktail Party and why a couple would play this game.

If you both have talked and established the idea that your sex is no longer gross and something you should run to the bathroom to wash off your bodies, but instead something you should celebrate as a new way of bonding, then The Cocktail Party is the next step. Grab your party treats: fruits, sugars, spices, syrup, honey, or whatever else to your main recipe is something you can decide! Knowing prior to sex that afterwards you are going to 69 each other until the penis and vagina are totally clean, will only spice up the sex. If you want to add flavors after you both orgasm, take the time and do so. Instead of viewing the orgasm as the finish, view it as the beginning of a sex game. From the dirty talk, to actually having the mindset of being excited to taste what your bodies have created together. The saliva from oral sex, the coconut oil from lubrication, the old juices and cum still inside her vagina from sex that morning, and the new fresh cum from both of your bodies releasing. This Cocktail is your sex life in a taste. It sounds so special to me I almost regret letting other people taste it, or taste us. Lucky them.

If you have a large group of people, there is no telling what types of Cocktails you can make: from the varieties of mouths, vaginas, extra sweet/bitter ingredients, and the various semen flavors in a group setting, I’d assume a Cocktail Party tasting session would be fun, especially if everyone prior knew the game they were playing.

Cocktail Paty Game Cards BackIf you want to make it a bit more “game-like”, another suggestion is creating cards with various drink ideas written out on them. Shuffle the cards and randomly select one. Whatever is on the card, prepare the ingredients or position, and have fun!

Drink Ideas for your Cards (the term drink applies to her sucking the flavor off of your penis; or you eating her out):

Black Russian – If you add anal to the mix, this will definitely be an extreme Cocktail. Otherwise known as Ass to Mouth.
Bloody Mary
– The Cocktail Party while on her menstrual cycle.
Golden Rod – A Sex Cocktail after she has squirted all over you, herself, and the bed. Or, after sex he urinates on or inside of her vagina to add that flavor to the mix, and then oral sex for each of you (or 69).
Lemon Drop – Adding a squeeze of lemon to your Cocktail.
Long Island Ice Tea – After a deep dicking, both of you put crushed ice in your mouth. Have her give oral sex, cleaning off the penis, while you do the same to her vagina. The ice will set it off.
Mud Slide – After your orgasm she pushes out your semen with her legs up in the air. The semen will pour out of her vagina and flow down the crack of her ass. Take your tongue and lick the juices from the bottom of her ass, over her anus, then up to her labia (and insides), tasting your Cocktail.  The woman can do the same by fingering herself and applying the juices to your crack and doing the same.  Every Cocktail can be mutual, just use your imagination.
Screwdriver – If she is riding you when you orgasm, have her slowly get off your penis and push out. This will leave most of your cumshot in your lap and on your dick. She can enjoy a full Cocktail. You can also do this with her squating over your face and you driving a finger deep inside her and then slowly pulling out as she pours your Cocktail into your mouth.
Sex on the Beach or Salty Dog – Adding a touch of salt to the head of his penis (or labia) prior to tasting
Simple Cocktail – Nothing crazy here, just plain old fashion sex, except afterwards you both enjoy the flavor of your sex.
White Russian –  After your orgasm, continue having sex so your semen froths into a white foam around the vagina and on your penis. This adds a whole new texture to the mix.

There are so many ideas you could have on your cards, even if you decide to do “He/She”. For instance, “He has a Bloody Mary.”  Or “She has a Black Russian.” So during sex one of you is excited to taste or be tasted. Even though it’s not supposed to be competitive, anything that changes up your normal routine in the bedroom is a good thing in our opinion. I’ll let you use your imagination on the various other things you could do if your put your minds to it (just leave the things off your cards that you absolutely refuse to do). A list of real cocktail names. It’s funny how a lot of these have sexual connotations that could apply to this blog. Don’t be lazy.  Sex is only fun if you make it fun. Add fruits, sugars, spices, candy, frosting, pudding, or whatever else it is you can do to make your Cocktails delicious. Celebrate yourselves.


All games and ideas have been copyrighted as of the publishing date.  

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Sex Games For Couples: The Cocktail Party