Sex Games For Couples: The Cocktail Party

Sex Games For Couples: The Cocktail Party

The Cocktail Party.  What can make sex more fun and playful than turning it into a game? Throughout our years of marriage we have came up with ideas that we may or may not have actually used. But nonetheless, we have decided to share our ideas with our readers. Some of these sex games may help with communication or kinky secrets, some may be for sex parties, but others just may be simple quick fun to use as foreplay. If you and your partner have your own games, please share in the comments below or email us ideas!

Cocktail PartyThe Cocktail Party 

This is not a game in the since that there is a winner or loser, but instead more of a challenge or idea that you both understand.  The key to sex games isn’t to make up some weird game where there are a bunch of rules to follow; rather, the purpose of sex games is to add a bit of variety and fun to your sex life. The goal to this game is to create unique cocktails based off the sex your having.

So let’s start with what the Sex Cocktail actually is. The Sex Cocktail is the juices left inside her body (Creampie) and on his penis after sex. Whether you have both performed oral sex prior, leaving each other wet with saliva, sweat, used coconut oil as lubrication, and then both came together, leaving the vagina and penis soaking with all your bodily fluids, this is what your sex tastes like. In other words, this is your Sex Cocktail. This Cocktail is either considered a burden or a mess (some people consider this gross or “icky”), or something special and the taste your bodies make together. It’s not a far out concept, as cleaning up creampies after sex isn’t a new idea. However, building up the mindset that the mixture of all your juices together isn’t just a freaky after sex act, but more of a special way to taste the flavors your bodies make together, adds a whole new spice to the bedroom. Especially when you both start suggesting that you use the dick to stir up the cocktail after you’ve both came, as to get all the juices mixed together. In fact, the funnest part of this game for us is all the dirty talk about making the cocktail. Whether Venice is telling me how excited she is to taste our cocktail after sex, or how she will ask me to grind my dick as deep as her vagina allows, as to make sure all her hidden juices are also left dripping off my cock when I pull out of her.  This type of talk has now taken over our bedroom at the moment.

It’s less of a game and more of a mindset.

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