Sex, Life and Everything Podcast….

Hey guys, we are excited to announce that we are going to start a Sex, Life, and Everything podcast in the near future!  Much like all of our hobbies and adventures, we are not doing this for any other reason other than it seems fun and it’s going to be like an audio diary of sorts.  This is also why we started our blog!  We’ve never sold items or done anything beyond a few reviews, and we did those just to get free naughty items!  Our goals  for this podcast will be to learn to converse as a couple better and discuss.  We’ve always been huge on communication and discussing our issues, which we do, but unfortunately we fall a bit short on discussing our opinions on everyday things such as current events or our opinions on them.  Life kind of creates this puzzle between two people and you begin to find yourself always talking a certain way to your significant other.   For instance, I talk to Venice and she listens.  My opinion is a bit more passionate, so rather than her disagreeing, she usually listens and is non confrontational.  This means, she doesn’t share her opinion to save a possible argument.  She is a pleaser.  As much as I need to learn to discuss with her and keep an open mind, she needs to learn to open up and share her opinions, even if they are unpopular or I do not agree with them.  Like with everything we have done, this is a learning process.   

We will take questions from blog readers regarding relationships, sex, threesomes, the swing lifestyle, or anything of that nature.  You can email us at  Please put in the title, “Question for the Podcast.”  Our podcast will also deal with things such as current events, our opinions on these current events, our dreams, and just whatever comes up in our heads.  Although our blog was always sexual in nature, at some point we switched the focus to sex, life, and everything because we became more interested in things besides sex, and our website’s direction changed.  Well, the podcast will be the same.  The direction will be more about everything, but we want to make sure we still talk about sex because we are a sexual couple and have had a lot of experiences since we started this blog.

We will record the first few episodes with the cameras off so we can practice discussing.  We eventually plan on recording our podcast with the cameras on so our viewers/readers can watch as we discuss.  

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If you do video, please keep audio only as an option.