Celebrity Sex Tape Reviews: 1 Night In Paris (Paris Hilton)

Parisdvd21 Night in Paris is a 2004 pornographic video depicting Paris Hilton having sexual intercourse in 2001 with Rick Salomon. Not originally intended for release, it was filmed primarily with a single, stationary, tripod-mounted camera using “night vision.” However, a handful of scenes were filmed indoors without night vision.


1 poor, 2 fair, 3 average, 4 good, 5 excellent

Venice’s Review:
Quality: 2
Entertainment Value: 3
Star Factor: 2
Skill Level: 4
The Woman: 3.5
The Man: 2
Sexual Value: 3

Have you ever wanted to watch a rich girl with an okay face and no body suck dick while watching the Simpsons?  If so, this is your video. Paris Hilton has oral skills but the video is overall boring as they only do a few positions and Paris answers her phone in the middle of sex.  I guess answering the phone is more important than boring sex.  The camera angles are not great, and the night vision gives you an example of what it would be like to get your dick sucked by a zombie with glowing eyes.

Ryan’s Review:
Quality: 2
Entertainment Value: 4
Star Factor: 4
Skill Level: 3
The Woman: 3
The Man: 2
Sexual Value: 2

I’ve always wanted to know what it would be like to be a special ops soldier and film someone giving me head with night vision goggles on.  I hope they implement this feature in the new Call Of Duty: Modern Whorefare.

Paris is cute and her sucking dick skills are pretty good. Like every sex tape the lady involved ended up with her own reality television show.

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