Snapshot Wednesday – I Got Your Back

got your backWe have decided to add erotic photography of us to our blog each Wednesday, now known as Snapshot Wednesday.  These won’t be low quality candids or shots taken from our cell phones, these will be photographs we love from our own little photo shoots.  Hopefully these pictures will come out more like tasteful erotic art rather than amateur pornography.  We will update the gallery each week with a new photo to share with our blog followers.

This week we used a photo we named I Got Your Back.  This photo was originally taken with the concept of me faced towards Ryan with  my legs wrapped around his waist.  We actually got a few shots we may use in the future with our planned pose, but our photo sessions usually don’t stop until my pussy is soaked and Ryan’s cock is pulsating.  As our bodies touched, I began to feel a stream of my own froth drip down my thigh which Ryan could clearly see in the studio lighting.  Ryan immediately began to grow right in front of me. He quickly set the camera on auto capture and I turned around and faced my ass towards the light so Ryan could get a good look.  I grabbed the wall with one hand and played with my wet pussy with the other.  Ryan came up behind me and roughly slid his fat dick inside my body.   As he thrusted he grabbed my hand against the wall and held it there tightly until I felt his erection become rock hard.  Knowing he was going to cum I reached back and squeezed his ass with my free hand and braced myself for his orgasm thrusts.  The entire time I could hear the camera capturing our quick fuck session.  Afterwords, with my pussy dripping my own juices and Ryan’s semen, I stood next to Ryan still nude flipping through the photos until we picked this one to share with the world.

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Hot. As always.

your Snapshot Wedneday is just geting better every week, u leave me and my wife wondering how you two come up with some of this stuff. One of these days we are goin to try some of the stuff u do here on Wedneday Snapshot. Keep up the great work, l;ove you both

“@Josephine_KK: Snapshot Wednesday – I Got Your Back via @venicebloggs”

Haven’t seen this in a long time!

Snapshot Wednesday – I Got Your Back via @venicebloggs fuck