So I Am Officially Adding Model To My Resume! Say Whaaaaat?

So I Am Officially Adding Model To My Resume!  Say Whaaaaat?

Oh boy, the power of the internet!  Who cares if I run my own website and I am not being paid!  I am a model damnit.  Accept it!  I am being paid in skimpy clothes and a hard dick!

Technically I have been a model!   It was my ass hole that was being fucked on one of our most popular posts, Anal Sex and Semen Creates a Higher Sex Drive in Women.  Does that count?  Probably not, because I made my husband take down all my ass pics and replace them with something more vanilla when I realized that post was getting so popular. 

Also, not to name drop or humble brag, but I was modeling sex toys we reviewed years ago.  Except back then I was going broke modeling, because these sex toys were just too dang expensive.  The things I do for my modeling craft and model career…

So to be fair, as a humble model not wanting to take all the shine away from the actual lingerie models that get paid for this stuff, I will post various shots from Paloqueth, who graciously sent me lingerie.  They did not ask nor require any review or follow up.  To be fair the official model shots actually show off the item, mine won’t.  I am not comfortable with that, because…well…because I ain’t no model, bro!

Ask any girl to show off her bad angles and watch how fast we pull out of our model bag and go into our just a normal girl bag, use our age card, or tell everyone how many children our hips have birthed!  

Modeling: PLUS Size Rose Pajamas

The first thing I modeled was the Plus Size Rose Pajamas.   Yes, plus sized!  I have been dieting since March and have lost more than 50 pounds.  As great as that sounds, for my age and frame, it means I lost my curves, my skin is loose, and I don’t have a booty anymore!  I loved my booty!   The shorts, unlike the beautiful model above, were just too big for me.  I don’t have the curves in the right places, so I decide to skip using any photos of me in the shorts for this photoshoot.   However, I adore the top and used the panties from the Red Bow Lingerie set  shown below.

Modeling:  Red Bow Lingerie Set

Secondly I am modeling the Red Bow Lingerie Set.  This top is beautiful and I feel like I could take 100s of photos in various settings, and get a great shot.  It’s gorgeous!

However, my husband couldn’t seem to stay focus and instead our photo shoot ended up with my bow open, hands on his dick, milking him.  A sexblogging style Lingerie ad!?

Okay, I lied.  I’m not a model.   But a girl can dream can’t she!

We did not receive any type of funding for this photo shoot.  We linked to the items as a way to show our gratitude.  I just love the idea of doing nice pictures for our blog and myself.   If you would like to see more photos, follow me on Twitter @venicebloggs.

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Dang girl!


you are very feminine and I could name you a Model 😉

Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.