Syntribation – A Girls Naughty Secret

Syntribation InterrogationSyntribation – A Girls Naughty Secret

Syntribation [sin-tri-bey-shuh n]  Of a female, to masturbate by crossing the legs and rubbing her thighs together.  

Yes, it’s a real thing. Although I am sure men could do the same thing by simply tucking their penises between their legs, let’s be honest, men can masturbate on anything.  Boys, today is not your day.  Let’s talk about us and our secret masturbation habits

We can and do masturbate in public without anyone ever knowing.  Simply crossing our legs while wearing something slightly tight, and moving our feet and legs back and forth.  Silly guys, no, we don’t have to use the restroom.  We may not reach a full orgasm, although it’s definitely possible, but it does relax us. 

If you see a woman syntribating in public, it may very well be a way for her to calm her nerves, comfort herself, or just help pass time while bored.  And this is possible because stimulation of the vagina and nipples release oxytocin.  Oxytocin helps ease stress and social anxiety, as well as various other known positive effects with women.  Oxytocin is also currently being tested as an anti anxiety drug. So whether she knows it or not, she may be massaging herself with her thighs, as a natural means of making herself more comfortable in a social atmosphere.  And, it just feels good.

Here are a few techniques for the women readers of our blog.  If you are in a swivel chair, you can rock back and forth to create more friction in your thighs.  You also will want to kegel and squeeze your anus muscles to create a feeling of being penetrated.  This will also help tighten the walls of your vagina.  Bonus!

Depending on which foot you move, you will get variations in what you feel.  If you move the bottom leg, it helps with your kegels.  If you move the top leg, it gives direct stimulation to your clit and vagina.

Below I have added a syntribation video so you can get more clarification on the technique.  


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Love this!

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Wow, I see women doing this all the time. I never knew!

wow i like it

wow i love this ,you know that

i love it