Alcohol and Sex – Different Types Of Sexual Body Shots

alcohol and sexRyan and I have decided to do a blog on the different types of body shots people can in the privacy of their own home. Because we rarely go to any bars and most of the drinking we do is at home with each other, we’ve created a lot of body shot techniques that we hadn’t seen before.  Although there is nothing new under the sun and some recipes are the same as your typical body shots, the purpose of our consumption was to enhance sex, not get drunk and stumble to a cab.  Whether it be to get a small quick buzz to intensify sex, or just something fun to do together on a Friday night, here are a few original ideas for body shots.

Shot Caller:

Silver Tequila of your choice (Patron)
Lime slices
Sea Salt

Lick your partner’s earlobe, behind there ear, and down the neck.  Leave it wet with saliva.  Gentle rub sea salt over the earlobe, behind the ear, and down his or her neck.  The saliva should help the salt stick to the skin.  Take a sliced lime and put it in your partner’s mouth.  Once your shot is prepared, lick the salt off your partner’s earlobe, then take the Tequila shot. Move to your partner’s mouth and suck on the lime slice as if you were kissing. Once you have chased the Tequila with the lime, go back behind your partner’s ear and suck the remainder of the salt off his or her ear and neck.


Vodka of your choice (Absolut)
Lemon slices

Lick your partner’s nipples and leave them both moist with saliva.  Pour sugar on each wet nipple, the saliva should  help it stick to the body.  Take a sliced lemon and squeeze a trail of juice from your partner’s belly button to his or her pubic area (above the dick or clitoris).  Leave the lemon on top of her pussy (or cock — you could squeeze the juice down the length of his shaft and leave the lemon on his balls if you prefer).  First you will want to lick off the sugar off your partner’s nipples then take the shot of vodka. As you swallow the vodka, follow the happy trail (lemon juice) down to his or her genitals until you reach the lemon.

Cum Shot:

Dark Rum of your choice (Captain Morgan)
Fresh Semen
Vanilla Coke

This shot will keep any woman extremely horny all night.  Take your man and handle his business, however you feel like handling it. Blow job or hand job, or a mixture of both.  Make sure he knows your plans, as this body shot needs a fresh batch of semen to start things off.  As he cums, make sure he  ejaculates  into a shot glass (or two separate glasses).  Fill the remainder of the glass(es) with dark rum.  A true Cum Shot. Chase the shot with Vanilla Coke.  Trust me, the semen has mood altering hormones that mix perfect with the buzz you get from alcohol. This combination drives me crazy mentally, because I know what I swallowed, and the night has only just started.  He is already happy himself (he came, and he watched his cum used as a shot mixer).  He can finish off the night returning the favor.

Money Shot:

Energy Drink of your choice (Red Bull)
Fresh Semen

The Jager Bomb with Semen.  Like the Cum Shot above, this is a “start up the night” shot. Nothing will get you going like this shot.  Horny, drunk, hyper, and sex.  Need I say more?  The alcohol and caffeine combination is known to give you an intense rush, but for those of us who appreciate and notice the mood altering changes semen has on our bodies after we swallow, it takes the Jager Bomb to a whole other level.  Mix the Jagermeister with his freshly squeezed semen in shot glasses. Depending on the amount of semen you can get out of him, you could do a couple shots.   Follow the shot with an  energy drink of your choice.  You’re welcome.

Riding Shotgun:

Coffee Liqueur of your choice (Kahlua) — or any liquor of your choice
Whip Cream

Although this is a body shot, I’d say skip the whole shot glass portion of this one. Because you will have to be riding your partner, you should instead just take a large swig of coffee liqueur (or alcohol or your choice) from the bottle as your shot.

First, your partner will have to be underneath you with his or her legs closed.  In my opinion, it’s preferable to be having sex, but that will be up to you.  The guy can also do this shot as well.  In fact, one of my most orgasmic positions is the guy on top of me with my legs closed.  Because of the angle of the shaft and how it rubs over my clitoris as it penetrates, it almost feels like being fucked while someone  else is rubbing my clit.   As you are riding your partner, hold his or her hands above his or her head.  Take your whip cream and spray it under your partners arms, and up his or her biceps (the guns).  Take a shot of the coffee liqueur and then slowly lick the whipped cream from underneath your partner’s arms and biceps.  Since the underarms release a lot of pheromones, it can be extremely intimate.

Shot In The Dark:

Dark Rum of your choice (Captain Morgan)
Coffee Liqueur of your choice (Kahlua)
Chocolate Syrup

Half rum, half coffee liqueur.  The coffee liqueur will make the chaser unnecessary.  Pour the liquid chocolate in between your partner’s ass cheeks (this is a messy shot, but I enjoy wild and messy).  Take the shot of Rum and lean them over.  Run your tongue up his or her ass and butt cheeks.  Since no chaser is needed, this is a perfect time to give and let your partner enjoy receiving a little analinguist.   There isn’t much that feels better than having a slight buzz and feeling the sensation of a tongue rubbing your ass and rim.

3 Point Shot:

Dark Rum of your choice (Captain Morgan)
Irish Cream Liqueur of your choice  (Baileys)
Powdered Chocolate Milk Mix (Nestle Quick Mix)

Suck on your man’s penis and balls and leave them wet with your saliva.  He’ll really enjoy this. Gently rub the powered chocolate milk mix on his balls and penis (the penis is optional — depending on if he is erect and it’s going down your throat)  Although the concept behind this shot is deep throating, any female can do this.  If your guy is not erect, this shot should be easy for any woman to perform.  Mix the shot with half dark rum, half Irish cream liqueur.  The Irish cream liqueur will make the chaser unnecessary.  Take the shot and put your man’s entire erect penis in your mouth (I enjoy doing this with an erect penis, because feeling the shaft move down my throat helps replace the alcohol burn — and it’s also extremely intense for him as well).  If he isn’t erect, same thing.  After you’ve got his entire penis in your mouth, stick your tongue out and clean the chocolate off both of his balls.  Make sure he is watching. Slowly pull your mouth off his dick and suck as hard as you can stretching his penis it’s entire length on the way up and getting off all of the chocolate flavor.  Finish cleaning up the balls and enjoy the taste.

Pussy Shot:

Cherry Vodka
Whip Cream
Rub your finger in your ladies vagina, stir the shot with the same finger before taking it to the face.

Make sure he is real comfortable because once he takes the pussy shot, you shouldn’t expect to see his face anytime soon.  Have him lick your pussy and suck on your lips until your entire area is soaking wet.  Also make sure he sticks his fingers inside your pussy and gets your juices all over his fingers.  Have him rub your juices all over your lips and inner thighs.  Once it’s wet, he will need to grab the sugar and sprinkle some all over your pussy.   He then will need to spray some whipped cream around your clit area and inside your vagina and ass hole.  Not a lot, as you do not want food inside these areas, but enough so that he can dig inside your body with his tongue and taste the sweetness.

After your pussy is covered in sugar, he needs to go down and lick the sugar off your lips and thighs.  Then he takes a shot of cherry vodka and chase it by sticking his tongue inside your whip cream soaked ass and vagina.  The deeper his tongue goes, the more whipped cream he gets.   Once he is finished with the whipped cream, he needs to stay down for as long as your hands can hold his head there, because the pussy shot is the grand finale.  He needs to eat you out until you cum all over his face so he can really get the true chaser in a good pussy shot.  Your cum.


The Walking Dead Head

captSo after drinking all night, Ryan walks up to me and grabs my ass, which is so sore from taking a beating from the night before.  He laughs, I giggle and say it’s not funny but I smile anyway at the idea that my ass has a huge purple mark from last night’s photo session.  That blog is coming soon.  Anyway, Ryan motions for me to take off my shorts.   I notice the huge bulge in his pants.  He dives his face in my pussy and ass, sticking his tongue deep in my rear. Hell yea, we’re about to anal, I think.  After wetting me up good with his tongue, I watch him wet his dick.  I moan, excited to feel the pressure of his fat cock in my ass.  He slowly slides his bald-headed baby Jesus in with no problem.  Being that we’re both so drunk, I’d say my man is skilled enough to land an airplane safely even if he were half-conscious.  The guy’s got skills.

I guess getting real Cialis big-headed, he calmly lays at my side because he decides to get me off by while sucking nipples and rubbing my clit while he fucks my ass.  I look over to Ryan and ask him to get back on top, letting him know this isn’t a good idea.  I know if he can’t stay 100% hard, he’s not going to get that big thing in my tight ass.

He mumbles something half-drunk trying to be sexy and starts rubbing my clit.  I immediately close my eyes as I start to feel the orgasm building.  In seconds, I slowly feel a soft penis slither out of me.  Desperate, Ryan squeezes the base of his penis to bring all the blood forward to create one last effort of what was once a beautiful erection.  This is like trying to shove a loaf of bread in keyhole.  I shake my head, skilled enough to land an airplane…only if he can keep the engine running.  He gives up and lets his penis dangle as he slides one finger in my ass while his thumb rubs my clit.  He’s sucking one nipple with his hand on the other.  Too drunk to feel sorry for him, I close my eyes and focus on my orgasm.

After a few minutes, I climax.  I notice that he’s desperately pulling at his soft penis.  I slide over sideways and start kissing on his nipple while whispering a dirty story to him.  His penis is done.

With my other hand I start tickling his ass and rubbing his balls, which helps get his penis half erect.  This is all he needs.  His legs and muscles tighten up.  He asks if I want to taste his cum.  I get off his shoulder and whisper in his ear that I want to watch it shoot out and eat it off his body.

Before I continue, we have one rule that we aren’t against, but we just don’t do: if Ryan is in my ass, we prefer to keep his dick out of my mouth.  Not that it’s gross, but there’s E-coli..and we are definitely not porn stars.

As I was saying, Ryan’s lying on his back, muscles are tensed up, his ass is arched up in the air, and his once hanging balls now resembles a walnut. Both drunk, I am now watching his cum fly everywhere.  Before he can finish, I attack the sperm on his body.  Being extra silly, I began rubbing my face in his stomach, his cum shooting into my hair and ear.  I turn my head towards his dick, mouth wide open and tongue out.  Ryan immediately reaches and grabs my hair with one hand while his other hand yanks his dick down towards his knee so I couldn’t suck the cum off his dick head.  Drunkenly thinking it’s because he’s sensitive, I playfully make the gagging noise and force my way to his dick.  He’s pulling my hair and screaming, “STOP!!!”  It’s like the scene from “The Walking Dead” when the Governor is holding his young zombie daughter by her hair to keep her from eating him.  I’m almost positive if there was a pillowcase near Ryan, it would be over my head.  Now laughing hysterically, but holding me by my hair, he reminds me that his dick was in my ass.  I laugh and stop.

Shower, blog….still tipsy.