Cum Ice Cubes – Freezing his Semen and Taking Control

cum ice cubesCum Ice Cubes – Freezing His Semen So I Can Decide When I Want to Taste Him Or Have Him In My Body

When my husband and I first met, I just really enjoyed being around him: hearing his voice, feeling his presence, and just knowing he’s nearby. Before we moved in together, I told him that I found some of his hairs in my bed (clearly his arm or leg hairs) and I kept them in a big Easter egg that had candies in them at one point. It was about twice the size of my fist with a light pink bottom and clear top. I kept it on my nightstand so I could look at it whenever I wanted. Yes, I had pictures, but there was something about having an actual piece of him that comforted me. A picture is great, but it’s merely a duplicate of an original form, and something that I could make endless copies of. But the three hairs in my Easter egg were special: they came from the body of the man I love, his arms that held me, and his legs that wrapped around me. Not to mention they were next to me when I slept, which meant I was literally sleeping next to him. It was my little secret; and if anyone came into my room and saw the egg, they could easily glance over it and see “nothing.”

25 years later, I still have that same state of mind of wanting to keep my husband with, on, or in me at all times. Sometimes he’ll let me have one of his hoodies, which instantly becomes “my favorite” (even though it’s two sizes too big) and no one can ever use it. I may spray his cologne on that hoodie just to be completely enveloped. It’s comforting and I have a sense of being complete, as in “the opposite of being lost.” But now, it’s not just a hoodie or cologne – what I want now is his semen. I used to say that I wished there was a tube that went straight from his testicles to my stomach (or ass or vagina) so that I could continually keep absorbing him, i.e. absorb him just as fast as he could make it. Why do this? It’s an extension of the hairs in the Easter egg. It comforts me knowing that my body is absorbing his DNA at all times. I feel like if I committed a crime and they needed my DNA, it would show that I have male DNA mixed with my own! Yes, it does make me feel like a dirty girl on the inside, but more so, it’s the feeling of completion and him being with me at all times. That’s the goal.

However, to be honest, I didn’t always feel this way. I didn’t always have an infatuation with needing to have semen in me at all times. Although I didn’t have a need to swallow, I never thought it was gross. I didn’t have a need to have the cum in my body; now, I think it’s lame that a woman would spit or use toilet paper to wipe it off her body. Now, if it’s anywhere that’s not in my mouth, ass, or pussy, I tell my husband to use his dick as a spoon, scoop up the “spilled” cum, and feed me with it. If for any reason he wants to splash on my face, chest, ass, etc., he better use his dick to feed me. Over the years I’ve become a semen connoisseur. I can tell when he’s dehydrated, I can tell if he’s on antibiotics, I can tell if he hasn’t ejaculated in over 24 hours. Although I love the various tastes (bitter, “average”) and textures (“melted yogurt” or “clear mucus”), my favorite is when it’s thick, white, and flavorful, which is pretty much anything from 2.5 or higher on a scale of 0-5. As a woman married to her soulmate for over half her life, I don’t have any hesitation whatsoever in swallowing his cum. If there was ever any hesitation in my immature mind, it’s dead. Swallowing is a way to show my love and to show him that I love and accept everything about him; it makes me feel giddy inside and I love watching his face when I blow bubbles, gargle, then swallow!

The next logical step into ascending was to tell my husband that I wanted semen cubes. My initial thought was to have him ejaculate in a shot glass, I’d take a super tiny rubber spatula and put it into a small jar, and whenever I have my morning iced chai, I’d take a spoon and scrape a bit off the surface (think shaved ice) and put it into my tea. We tried having him ejaculate directly into a syringe and putting the contents into a silicone mold (pea-sized cubes). Next we tried cumming on Saran Wrap and putting them into the mold that way (like cake icing pastry bag). Finally, we settled on him ejaculating right onto the mold, which has been working pretty good. Ideally, it would be perfect to always have one ice cube in my tea every day, but my goal is to have one ice cube every day until I die. My husband said it was pretty extreme and borderline “disgusting” because it was so extreme, but he met me this way.

The best method of collecting his cum.

  1. Pinching the head.  Although are limited to the amount cum he can hold, it’s the best method of collection for us.   You get about as much cum as his urethra can hold, from his lower cock where his prostate releases to his glans.  If he is having sex, he can let his first few shots go inside me, then pull out and I will grab his head and hold it while telling him I am saving the rest for later.  We do this variation each time he cums now.
  2. Let go of the head and allows his cum to pour into a small ice tray.  We do this about twice a day. Because the amount is limited with this method, we decided for these cute small ice cubes that are perfect for 1 to 2 cubes each time.  Here is a link to a tray like ours, I am not affiliated nor do I get paid for this link: Example Ice Tray 
  3. Place the tray in the freezer or deep freezer.   
  4. After an hour, the semen will be totally frozen.  Do not keep the tray out in the air or collect the next load without first pushing the new frozen cubes into your air tight zip lock bag filled with your frozen in time moments.


As of now, I have a half gallon bag full of small cum cubes that I can have whenever I want. If I’m sick or if my husband is out of town, I can call him and tell him I’m sucking on one of my cum cubes and it instantly brings us together no matter what. If I get sick, I can use the cum cubes to wet my mouth, stay hydrated, while doing this intimate act when one of us can’t physically be intimate. And although it may seem morbid, as long as I have cum cubes, I will always have my husband with me, comforting me, inside of me, hugging me from the inside.

How I Use My Husband’s Cum Ice Cubes in my Sex Life

  • In the morning before I leave to work I can go in the freezer and put a cum ice cube in my mouth.  When I kiss my husband goodbye I will crunch the cube or show it to him in my mouth.  This gives me total control of when I swallow.  It also turns my husband on and keeps me on his mind.
  • If I am on my cycle I can now creampie myself prior to placing my tampon.  I will put a small cube between my lips and push it inside my body with my tampon insert.  
    • Do men want a woman who actually really love to be creampied and desires their man’s cum inside her body, or just theatrics during sex?   With cum ice cubes I can show my  husband my love for his semen is not theatrics.   And I have total control and do not have to show my love for his cum only during sex.
  • If my husband is away or I am home alone, I can use his fluids in solid form to give my body intense sensations.   He can give me goosebumps, make me tingle, and send chills down my spine.  The residue will not only will I have his fluids all over me, but I will be able to taste, feel, and rub my sensitive areas with him.   His semen, which I enjoyed my time collecting it, now has been reborn with me in total control, to become a physical toy for me to use and enjoy.
  • I can put 4 or 5 cubes inside my body, which is multiple cum shots saved, from various weeks, months, and maybe even years.   As it melts, I want to sit on my husband’s face and watch him stroke himself to his own creampies.  
    • If I am alone, I can use a dildo clone of his dick and fuck myself using his semen as lube.  Whether I call him or tell him later, this is real cum worship and we both love it.
    • You can also have sex and let him feel what it’s like to fuck you with a huge amount of cum inside your pussy.
      • To explain further; imagine the feeling of having cum from different time periods, different moods, some from hand jobs, some from blow jobs, some from sex, all cum shots that you helped collect after various intimate acts, all that energy frozen and captured, those memories, and having each cum shot in your body at one time, months or years later?  It’s almost like the idea of some women wanting multiple men cumming in them at once.  How about 1 man cumming in you, from different time periods, fill up your insides?
    • He can pull his dick out soaking wet with 4 or 5 different cumshots of his inside me and watch me clean it off his dick with my mouth.  What man wouldn’t love seeing this?
  • We can both eat a cube and make out with each other prior to sex.  Extremely intimate as you are savoring a previous moment in your sex life while preparing to make a new one.
  • I can rub him down with a cum cube and let it melt inside his ass.  He can feel his own creampie.  If I want to get real naughty I can grab my strap-on and use his cum as my lube.