Coronavirus Drive-Through Test Experience

Coronavirus Drive-Through Test Experience 

Although I do not have the results, unfortunately I have been hit by a flu bug, or  a bad case of allergies.  Either way, since the symptoms are nearly the same, we called our local coronavirus testing hotline and spoke with nurses in charge of testing in our area.  I told them my symptoms and was surprisingly able to get a test the same day.  That’s actually a good thing for our community, as watching the news led me to believe testing would be extremely backed up.   

  • Symptoms:  Flu like symptoms with slight fever and body aches.  This was prior to a case in our county.  However, symptoms continued and I have kept a nagging dry cough with shortness of breath.  Although shortness of breath sounds scary, for me I noticed because I was talking and have to stop to breath.   This could be because of my nasal congestion.    To be honest, this is usually the time of year I get allergies and make my annual doctor’s appointment for antibiotics for a sinus infection.  However, you can’t help but want to be safe now as to not infect others.  If you have testing available, and you have symptoms, get a test.  

I then received a text regarding making the drive-through process easier by pre-registering.  This was as simple as clicking a few buttons on my phone.  I skipped the parts regarding insurance, payment, and photo.  As the testing is free and that’s what I was told to do.  

I pulled up to the testing site and there was a cop there with a yellow siren on his vehicle.  He remained in his car.  There were 3 workers all with masks that came up from a first tent and asked me to roll down my window.  They verified my information and then communicated with the second testing area tent that I was ready.  I hear the other tent over the radio, “Let him through.”

I again had to yell out my information because they nurses stood away from the vehicle.  Although this felt unusual, it felt much safer (social distancing).  And then a nurse in a hazmat suit walks up and explains that she will have to stick a q-tip up both of my nostrils extremely high.  She let me know it was going to be uncomfortable.  She also handed me some brochure, which I did not like.  They could give this information over the phone or through a link.  Although I understand why they are giving out this information, I didn’t even want to touch it. I may be testing for the Coronavirus, but I didn’t for sure have it.  And I didn’t want something from them in my vehicle.  

Either way, the test itself took seconds.  The nurse did not touch my vehicle at all.  She stuck her arm through the window and got two deep swabs of nasal fluid.  Although I have heard on television that it hurt (from our president and vice-president), for me, it did not.  Yes the swab goes deep.  Yes you can feel it go into an area that feels “sensitive”.  However, it takes seconds and it was painless to me.  It made my eyes water, but other than that it was nothing.  

I was told to how to leave the area and that was it.  I rolled up my window and sprayed the brochure they handed me with Lysol.  

They let me know I will get my results in 4-7 days. 

For those interested, we have a tracker up with embeds of various global | United States | and local statistics

My Nipple Piercings: The Healing Experience

It’s been about two months since I got both my nipples pierced.  I had a few concerns before I got them done because I’ve had serious problems with piercings before.  But I knew that I could take them out if that same problem occurred again.  Then I worried that I would lose sensitivity in my nipples whether I healed properly or not.  But the deciding factors that led me to piercing them in the first place was that the piercings represented my sexual awakening, the freakiness that had been lying dormant in me, and the new way of life I was ready to lead with Ryan.  Not to mention they looked good in pictures.

The aftercare instructions included three daily salt cleanings followed by each nipple being submerged in the salt water for a minimum of 30 seconds.  Being the paranoid person I am, I soaked for five minutes minimum.  I watched closely for pus, drainage, crust, or any signs of infection with a fever being the worst.  For the first month, if I went a day without cleaning, a little bit of crust would form.  I panicked; that was something all too familiar to me.  But even now, I still do the salt rinses and soaks, although only twice, sometimes even once, a day.  My fear of infection has decreased, even though my piercer said I may not be fully healed for up to one year.

For the first week, I wouldn’t let Ryan anywhere near them: no touching, no licking, no breathing on it even.  Then one night, obviously during my hypersensitive stage, he brushed his fingers on my nipples and instantly a shot raced through my body.  They were so sensitive!  Ryan let his fingertips massage the very tip of my nipple and that was all the stimulation I needed.  I was so relieved when I realized that my nipples didn’t lose their sensitivity.  He didn’t pinch and twist my nipples like he normally did, but he didn’t have to.  That night my orgasm was so intense!  I knew from that point on that my piercings weren’t going to give me any trouble when it came to cumming.  I heard that pierced nipples were much more sensitive.  But since I had them both pierced and healed at the same time, I can’t remember what they felt like during sex before they were pierced.  During my healing stage, they were definitely sensitive, but as soon as I got past this stage, the ultrasensitivity receded.

Even though I didn’t have any problems with orgasms, sensitivity, or infection, I did discover some cons along the way.  Sometimes my bra would shift during the day and my piercings would get caught in the cup.  My hair is always getting caught on one end of the piercings, pulling one side up higher.  If this happened and there was a little bit of crust, it would get pulled inside my nipple.  In my opinion, the worst of it all was fucking on my stomach.  Once I was on all fours with my hands tied behind my back and Ryan was fucking me from behind.  I had no way to stabilize myself so my nipples were getting dragged and tangled in the carpet fibers.

Since I healed better than expected, I feel certain that I may be able to get piercings in other places.  Eyebrow, cartilage…or even my clit.

My Nipples’ Excellent Adventures – Nipple Piercing part 1

I’ve entertained the idea of getting my nipples pierced for a little while now, but there have always been reasons why I just wouldn’t do it: I didn’t want to experience the pain, I didn’t want to spend the money, I didn’t want another man fondling my nipples, I didn’t want to get an infection, I didn’t want to feel like I wasted money if I had to remove them, and I just didn’t see the point in getting my nipples pierced if not even my husband seemed interested in the idea.

I thought about these reasons and came up with a “pros column” to counter the “cons”: pain is temporary, money can be made the next day, I’ll follow the aftercare instructions religiously and my husband was actually very interested in seeing me with my nipples pierced, but for whatever reason, we never talked about it.  He even went as far as suggesting that the piercing would naturally leave my nipples more erect and I could start wearing hot tank tops, showing off my hard nipples. Ohhh, how this made my inner thigh senses tingle.  I am not an exhibitionist (blog coming soon:  “WTF, I’M nude modeling???”), or at least I thought I wasn’t, but the idea of my nipples and the barbells poking through a cute tank top, really turned me on.  The idea of me being turned on by that, really turned on Ryan.


We go to a tattoo shop that also does piercing (most usually do).  We’ve been here before so when we get there, I tell the girl up front that I’m here to get my nipples pierced.  She tells me the piercer is at their other store location, she will call her and let her know she has customers waiting.  She then suggested we have a seat.

I guess it just wasn’t meant to be, I think.  If this isn’t a sign that I shouldn’t get these piercings, I don’t know what is.  I look at Ryan and say, “Well, okay we tried.  Maybe we should go to the mall and look for a cute hat for me to wear in my next photo shoot (blog coming soon: “WTF, I’m nude modeling???”).  I figured mentioning the next photo shoot would turn on my husband’s man switch, and he would forget all about the nipple piercing.  Little did I estimate, the man switch was already on overdrive, with the idea of him seeing his wife with her nipples pierced.

Ryan, half way looks at me laughing, and says, “Not. That. Fast. Missy.  Plus the piercer is a girl!”

That’s true, I think.   I love the idea of the piercer being another woman, but that doesn’t alleviate the fear of pain. Ryan walks up to the counter and asks the receptionist, “Don’t we have to fill out the paperwork?”  He is a smarty for sure.  He was reeling me in, knowing that once I give up my information and signature, I’m staying put.  He brings me back the forms with a pen, and whispers, “Try to relax.”  He rubs my back softly and continues, “Did you hear that though?   The piercer is a girl, she will take care of you.”

I nod and fill out the forms.  When I’m through, I walk up to the counter and hand the receptionist the sheets of paper and she stares at it for a few seconds before giving me a look of constipation.

“I’m sorry,” she tells me.  “I had you fill out the wrong form.”

That’s it!  I tell myself.  Another sign!  I look over at Ryan and he immediately grabs the new forms.  “Go over and sit down baby, I will fill these out for you.”

I begrudgingly walk back to my seat.  I know I’m just nervous.  I’m worried about my nipples becoming numb after the piercings, which is going to suck because I like for my husband to play with them during sex.  I’m worried about suddenly becoming an uncontrollable hemophiliac and bleeding all over the place.

I sit in the waiting area and wait for the piercer to arrive.  The walls are filled with local artists’ paintings and drawings.  I like that.  The candy machines are half empty (or half full) and I wonder if they’ll fill them up soon.  A lady with hair dyed black spiked bracelets pulls up in the parking lot.  I hope it’s not her because she looks like she’s 14, and today is NOT the day I want to be someone’s “first customer.”  A third sign!  She comes in and the Ms. You-Filled-Out-the-Wrong-Form says to her, “Hey, how you doin’?  Can I help you?”  Thank goodness.

Soon I hear another voice from a lady behind the counter ask, “You ready, sweetie?”    I looked up, and saw my piercer was a cute little woman, with a southern accent, not quite what I was expecting.  She had no visible tattoos or excessive piercings other than a tiny diamond nose ring.  I follow her to a little cubby of a room with black curtains held together by two pins.  I sit on the examining table and set my purse and jacket to the side.  She starts to talk about how to take care of my piercings, what to expect the first few hours, days, weeks, etc.  She lays out all the tools she needs and explains what each one does.  She’s a tiny little thing about six inches shorter than me, but she is confident in what she says and does.  And that makes me a little less nervous.

She tells me to take off my top and bra so she can clean and mark me.  I sit up and relax both my arms to my side so she can get a straight line.  She uses a purple marking pen and marks under my nipple (not through it as I originally thought), into what feels more like a more “meaty” area.  I look in the full length mirror behind me and point to my left nipple and tell her, “The mark on this side is not straight.”

“No problem,” she says and brings a Q-Tip to my right nipple to re-do the line.

I panic.  “Wait!” She freezes.  “Wrong side.”

“Sorry about that.”

A fourth sign?!  It’s not too late to back out!  But I don’t.

I lay on the table and she tells me she’s only putting the forceps on my nipples, which she suggests may hurt more than the actual piercing.  I find out soon enough that this is a fucking lie. “Try not to jerk up into this hand; this is my piercing hand.” I put both my hands under my butt.


I don’t hear a countdown or a “1, 2, 3.”  She may have said it, but the electricity that ran from the nape of my neck to my feet probably drowned out the screaming I was doing in my head.  This was not like getting your tongue pierced where you feel a quick pierce followed by a dull pain that subsides over the course of a minute or so.  No, no.  The pain of the initial pierce pain remained for well over five minutes.  In fact, by the time my second nipple was pierced, the overlapping pain that coursed through my entire body paralyzed me.


Ryan is taking pictures the entire time, and I guess the stoic look on my face with absolutely no blinking, no moving, no breathing, no sound, he asks, trying to hold his laughter in but FAILING, “Are you okay?”



“…shhhh…” I whisper in pain.  I want to be still.  I want to close my eyes and rest.  This must be what it feels like to be dying.


Ryan says, “Oh baby, look how good it looks.”


I respond with, ‘I cannot see.”  The pain has blinded me and I couldn’t move my head down to look at my chest.

Hysterical blindness causes patients to suffer apparently neurological symptoms, such as numbness, blindness, paralysis, or fits, but  without a neurological cause. 

The piercer reassures me I’m not bleeding, which is a good thing.  I sit up as quickly as I can because I don’t want to look like a wuss.  She goes over the aftercare instructions and answers any last questions I have.  After my husband leaves the room, she tells me, “Once you’re fully healed, they’re going to feel really good – trust me.”  She points to both of her own boobs.  We smile devilishly.