My Nipple Piercings: The Healing Experience

It’s been about two months since I got both my nipples pierced.  I had a few concerns before I got them done because I’ve had serious problems with piercings before.  But I knew that I could take them out if that same problem occurred again.  Then I worried that I would lose sensitivity in my nipples whether I healed properly or not.  But the deciding factors that led me to piercing them in the first place was that the piercings represented my sexual awakening, the freakiness that had been lying dormant in me, and the new way of life I was ready to lead with Ryan.  Not to mention they looked good in pictures.

The aftercare instructions included three daily salt cleanings followed by each nipple being submerged in the salt water for a minimum of 30 seconds.  Being the paranoid person I am, I soaked for five minutes minimum.  I watched closely for pus, drainage, crust, or any signs of infection with a fever being the worst.  For the first month, if I went a day without cleaning, a little bit of crust would form.  I panicked; that was something all too familiar to me.  But even now, I still do the salt rinses and soaks, although only twice, sometimes even once, a day.  My fear of infection has decreased, even though my piercer said I may not be fully healed for up to one year.

For the first week, I wouldn’t let Ryan anywhere near them: no touching, no licking, no breathing on it even.  Then one night, obviously during my hypersensitive stage, he brushed his fingers on my nipples and instantly a shot raced through my body.  They were so sensitive!  Ryan let his fingertips massage the very tip of my nipple and that was all the stimulation I needed.  I was so relieved when I realized that my nipples didn’t lose their sensitivity.  He didn’t pinch and twist my nipples like he normally did, but he didn’t have to.  That night my orgasm was so intense!  I knew from that point on that my piercings weren’t going to give me any trouble when it came to cumming.  I heard that pierced nipples were much more sensitive.  But since I had them both pierced and healed at the same time, I can’t remember what they felt like during sex before they were pierced.  During my healing stage, they were definitely sensitive, but as soon as I got past this stage, the ultrasensitivity receded.

Even though I didn’t have any problems with orgasms, sensitivity, or infection, I did discover some cons along the way.  Sometimes my bra would shift during the day and my piercings would get caught in the cup.  My hair is always getting caught on one end of the piercings, pulling one side up higher.  If this happened and there was a little bit of crust, it would get pulled inside my nipple.  In my opinion, the worst of it all was fucking on my stomach.  Once I was on all fours with my hands tied behind my back and Ryan was fucking me from behind.  I had no way to stabilize myself so my nipples were getting dragged and tangled in the carpet fibers.

Since I healed better than expected, I feel certain that I may be able to get piercings in other places.  Eyebrow, cartilage…or even my clit.

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