My Man, My Husband, My Daddy

i love my daddyMy Man, My Husband, My Daddy

I my Daddy.  Originally I wrote a quick description about why I call my husband Daddy in a selfie I took titled, “Naughty Selfies – For my Daddy“.  For us, the roleplay has became who we are as a couple.  

I have noticed the term Daddy used in various ways.  Some couples use it as a form BDSM roleplay, which involves being her man’s sex slave.  For instance, I have seen photos of a woman being peed on captioned, “Daddy’s little slut doing what she was made for, being Daddy’s toilet.”   Although we are okay with waterplay and have even done photoshoots of golden showers and blogged about sex cocktails, we didn’t do it in the name of Daddy-dom.  It isn’t why I call my husband Daddy, nor do I see it as a dominant sexual thing.   

For me, it’s a term of endearment.  It makes me feel loved and special.  Although I am submissive, I enjoy the idea of him taking care of me, being his little girl, and giving me something I never received while I was growing up: a man’s love and attention.  And I have no issues with him being a dominant figure, as I am passive by nature anyway.

My Daddy Gets Whatever My Daddy Wants.

My Daddy gets whatever my Daddy wants.  And since obviously we do have sex, and we do embrace our roles, it is a part of our sex life.  So yes I do suck my Daddy’s dick and do various naughty things that a little girl has to do to keep her Daddy happy. A big part of my role is to be a good little girl so I get the affection and attention I love.  However, I am not Daddy’s footstool, toilet, or spit cup.  Doing that in the name of Daddy-dom doesn’t make me feel good nor how I want to view my Daddy.  To be honest, I’d consider that abusive and not something I see a Daddy doing to his little girl.  Even though I’d do whatever he wanted, my Daddy wouldn’t  abuse me or belittle me for his pleasure.   This is our balance.

With all that said, as his good little girl, I was proud of myself for vomiting on his dick on purpose while giving him a blow job.  And he loved it.  And I love going to the extreme for him, respectfully.

After vomiting, I ignored the mess in his lap and kept sucking.  When he was about to cum, I shoved his dick all the way down my throat, nose and face in my own vomit, and held myself there until I felt his cum pipe quit twitching.  I had to ignore every instinct I had, from being grossed out, to show him how dedicated I am to his pleasure. Because it’s what I wanted to do for my Daddy.  And in the shower afterwards, I talked in my little girl voice, proud,  “Did I do good Daddy?”   

And he played his role perfect.  Kissed my forehead, told me I have to be careful when I suck his dick, and reassured me that all little girls are supposed to have trouble sucking big dicks. 

I melted.  Because it’s true.

Here is a bit of what I wrote on a previous blog about my Daddy:

Why do I call my husband my daddy?  Because he is my daddy.  He is the father of my kids, so naturally I refer to him as dad or daddy, even when talking to my children, because it’s how they know him. This is a point that is never really brought up in articles about women that call their husband’s daddy.  Well, when I ask my daughter to tell her father dinner is done, I say, “Tell daddy his dinner is ready.” I naturally refer to him as daddy around the house even when I am not talking directly to him.  But that isn’t the only reason.  My father was abusive.  I never really had a father figure that made me feel like his little princess, or gave me the attention I had read about in stories or seen in movies.   So what my daddy gives me has nothing to do with my biological father.  At all.  It’s more lack thereof.

My daddy protects me, takes care of me, never abuses me, and makes me feel like his little girl.  I truly believe every girl loves this type of attention.  And a husband’s love can end, a boyfriend’s love can end, but a father’s love?  A father forgives his little girl if she makes mistakes.  A father is there forever, beyond being married.  He has told me that if I cheated, he wouldn’t leave his little girl, because daddy’s don’t abandon their little girls just because they fuck up.  Mind you, I would never cheat.  But the thought makes me understand the difference between my daddy’s love, and a husband’s love.  A husband’s love has it’s limits.  My daddy’s love is limitless.  And it’s true, a daddy doesn’t turn his back on his little girls. And that’s our relationship.  No matter how bad my day, I want to come home and be his little girl.  Be taken care of.  I’m naturally submissive so I have no issues with him being in charge and even threatening to spank me if I sass off.  I love it. 

Are Filipinas / Filipinos submissive women?

Why Do I Enjoy Being Submissive to My Husband?

I’ve dealt with a lot of criticism in our social circle because I call my husband “Daddy.” Interestingly enough, when he calls me little girl, or other cute variations, it’s not seen as strange or even warranted as an attention-grabbing habit. For me, calling him Daddy is what I prefer. I have called him Daddy in public and feel no real shame or embarrassment. It has nothing to do with a desire to have a father / daughter relationship, but more of feeling like I have finally found a man who treats me the way my inner little girl has always wanted to be treated. I didn’t grow up knowing what a real father / daughter relationship was, as my dad was abusive and cold. I also have never called my actual father, Daddy. I didn’t grow up thinking my father was great, nor did I grow up thinking I would be married, have children, or love some guy so much he would be my everything. If anything, my father made me hate men.  So calling my husband “Daddy” has absolutely nothing to do with my actual experience with how a daughter is treated by her father. Quite the opposite.

So why am I so happy now being totally submissive to my husband?  Why do I love calling him Daddy and laying in his arms at night, snuggled against him and talking like a little girl?  20 years into our marriage and it seems my role as his little girl is consuming us – iIn a good way.

In searching around the web looking for explanations to what our relationship has evolved into, I found a great article about Filipino women being submissive wives.  Although the article could be about women from any culture, I still found it interesting because it really matches how I feel.

Why are some filipinas submissive women?

For girls in the Philippines, being a submissive women is a part of filipino culture.  We are taught at a young age to have good manners, respect, understanding so that we can become good mothers and submissive wives when we are ready to get married.  I cannot speak for all filipinas, but I would say most.

We are taught that the role of a wife is to be “ilaw ng tahanan” that is Tagalog for the “light of the house”.  It is the wife’s duty to make the house a Home. A wife must be there always to support her man’s decisions, give advice but without disagreement.  A wife must do everything at home,  from taking care of the kids, to teaching the kids to household chores.  She helps the kids with their school assignments and projects.  She participates in school meetings and the kids activities. Most importantly, keeping the house a “Happy home’’ that includes doing her best to serve her husband in and out of bed without complaints.

As a submissive wife, I think its not about being enslaved by my husband because when you love your man you always do your best to keep him happy and satisfied.  Although it makes me feel bad sometimes, but I know I have to give way and not be selfish.  No relationship is perfect but it doesn’t mean you won’t find happiness in that imperfect love.

Being submissive means becoming a great wife and avoiding most arguments that can sometimes end marriages. Submitting and agreeing to your man makes everything more peaceful.  Its much better than nagging. There will be times when the husband is wrong and if you feel that there are better idea or solution to a problem, communicating calmly works than starting a heated conversation.

Achieving this submissiveness requires training and lots of patience because you mostly set yourself aside.  It is very hard to change and to make adjustment but when you’re doing it to keep your husband, it gets easier because there is a purpose of why you must do it. It takes swallowing your pride and putting your husband first on top of everything to keep the marriage happy. That can mean losing a career and a dream. Although if your husband is supportive you can still aim for success but there are lots of things you have to consider for your family.  

A woman cannot submit to every man.  Every man is not worthy of such selflessness.  I would say only a selfless man should have a selfless submissive woman.

Although I am Filipino, I am first generation, raised in America.  I am also a military vet and want to make this as a breaking point to the article above.  I read the article above as it pertained to Filipina women in the Philippine islands, being submissive, raised in Filipino culture. Although both of my parents are from the Philippines, I was raised in California. With that being said, I still believe the above article describes me almost exactly.  However, some of my submissiveness feels like natural instincts. I do not think I was taught to enjoy feeling a man restrain me and hold me down during sex. I do not think I was taught to orgasm and be turned on more if a man gets deeper, or hurts my insides during sex and pushes himself inside me harder. Physically, I am just as submissive as I am personality wise. It almost feels primitive. I am a delicate girl, with less muscle, and just enjoy feeling my man’s strength. 

Maybe later I will go more in depth on why I feel the way I feel, but I figured I would share the above article as a way to archive it on our page.   

If you have an opinion, please share below.

Freaky Friday Search Terms – pressing my cock against Filipina rectum hole stories

freakyfridayEach week we will post our most outrageous search terms that people used to find our website that week.  Ryan and I will then share our own thoughts and hopefully entertain you guys or at least make the search term make a little less sense.

Each search term was gathered by wordpress and/or google statistics and they are all very real search terms.   Each search term was used by some person in the world that ended up on our page.

10. one night in Venice anal
Ryan: Ha!  Did you get permission from Paris Hilton and Chyna for this video Venice?  This sounds a lot like a remake of  “One Night In Paris” and “One Night In Chyna”
Venice: Oh, damn. Did someone “leak” a video of mine? 
Ryan: Sells so far:  2.
Venice:  Hey, that’s 1 more than the Screech Sex Tape!
Ryan:  That’s true.

9. when a men fucks a women how sperm goes inside vagina help
Ryan: How does the sperm get inside her vagina?
Venice: He sounds like he could be Asian.
Ryan: That’s not right.

8. пенис 21 сантиметр
Venice:  This is Russian for “21 inch penis.” Thank you, Google Translate Language Detector.
Venice: Oh god. Don’t start.
Venice: Just stop Ryan.  That’s like the only Russian you know and it isn’t even Russian. 
Venice: …
Ryan: Get your hands up!  Do you need a google translate language detector, it’s time to go to school!
Ryan: Ha!!!  That’s why I love you.

7. cum inside no permission
That’s called a condom sweetheart.
Venice: Too bad so sad.

6. walked in on my husband jerking off to porn on his phone
Ryan:  I don’t get how you could really enjoy a porn on such a small screen. 
Venice: Maybe he was Asian?
Ryan: Ha!  You are such a racist.
Venice: Hey, if the truth fits, wear it.
Ryan: Wrong.
Venice: The shoe hurts?
Ryan:  Oh god, stop fucking with me.  So the lady walks in on her husband stroking it to porn on his phone.
Venice: I guess his phone isn’t as smart as he thought it was….
Ryan: The new Dumb Phone!  It has no mute button function and turns your phone’s volume all the way up any time it loads a porn. 
Venice: It automatically sends all sext messages with strange women to your spouse’s email.   
Ryan: Every time you send a random penis picture to gay men on craigslist, it forwards it to your entire office.  2 year contract and activation fees required.
Venice: This just in, Chuck, apparently there has been a new surge of men buying flip phones and beepers.  We can’t explain this technological dumbing down phenomenon.
Ryan: Ha, Chuck huh.  Didn’t want to go with the classic Dick?
Venice: … oh you’re setting me up with that one.  Oh. No. Ryan. I. Don’t. Want. To. Go. With. The. Classic. Dick. You. Give. Me. All. The. Dick. I. Can. Handle.
Ryan:  Oh yea?  And you’re stupid!

5. wife says my penis is perfect does that mean its small
Venice: Probably.
Ryan: There are a few words you do not want to hear when your wife describes your penis.  One is definitely, “perfect.”  A few others:  Adorable. Cute. Precious. Cozy. 
Venice:  Or tiny.
Ryan:  Yea, tiny wouldn’t be good for sure.  We want to hear things like, magnificant.  Amazing.  Breathtaking. 
Venice: Huge.
Ryan:  Yea, or huge, that’s always good.
Venice: Horse-like.
Ryan: Yea, horse-like would be pretty cool to hear.  I mean, I personally wouldn’t know because like, it isn’t something thrown in my direction on the daily.
Venice: I’ve called you my little pony!
Ryan: Yea, uh, not quite the fucking same as horse-like  but whatever.  The jury is still out on that one.  The whole, little-pony thing.  I mean, technically, I guess a pony would be more hung than a human, but in comparison to a horse, it’s smaller.  Plus, why does it have to be a little pony?  Why not a normal pony or maybe even a pony that children may mistake as a small horse? 
Venice: It’s better than calling it a Carebear right?
Ryan:  Way off topic, but yes, I guess it would be better than it being called a Carebear.
Venice:  Exactly.  Next term please!

4. pressing my cock against Filipina rectum hole stories
Venice: I love when search terms are succinct and to the point. 
Ryan: “I want a cheeseburger, grill the bun, double cheese, lite mayo, no lettuce, two pickle spears, and my cock pressed against a filipina’s rectum please.”
Venice: Would you like to supersize that?
Ryan: No, I am your little pony remember.
Venice: Let it go Ryan, just let it go.

3. why do japanese women have hairy pussy’s
Ryan: Because it’s sexy?
Venice: To get to the other side?
Ryan: To cushion the pushin?
Venice: So their husbands won’t get mad and see there is still a lot more room in their vaginas?
Ryan: Oh wow…
Venice: Do we get like a top answer or something?  Maybe a big X on the screen like Family Fued if  we answer wrong.
Ryan:  Yea, your answer definitely gets a red X.
Venice:  Survey says!

2. mastirmation women
Ryan: Well, he didn’t totally mess that up.
Venice: If you would proof read your articles Ryan, people that spell just as bad as you would never find us.
Ryan: I do it on purpose for this exact reason.

1. adult poem on penis and pussy
Venice: I’m glad we can help students with their english projects.
Ryan: For sure, and our site is stacked with adult poems on penis and pussy.
Venice: A modern day Emily Dickinson
Ryan: You can call me Edgar Allan Poke
Venice:  I’ll call you Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Ryan:  Or William Shakespears
Venice: Okay, you’re reaching…
Ryan:  What, shake spheres, like shake two balls?
Venice: Let’s just end it there.
Ryan: Shakespears, like he strokes and make his balls bounce.  Get it?
Ryan: Venice?
Ryan: Whatever, William Shakespears wasn’t a reach at all.