This Friday Is On Me

fridayRyan has been grilling for me every Friday for about 3 years. Each Friday, my day is filled with the thrill of knowing I’ll be getting faded with Ryan and enjoying a New York Strip or Ribeye (with grilled corn, broccoli, or whatever sides I feel like having), followed by (or following, depending on horniness and intoxication levels!) rough and kinky debauchery.  The end of the work week signifies a celebration, a party that I prepare for and look forward to. Although Ryan himself has said to me several different times, “Do you really want steak today?”  I follow it with, “What the fuck…YES, I WANT STEAK! I wait all week for it!”  Ryan made a promise to me 3 years ago that every Friday he’d grill for me, and my steak meal at the end of the week was a way for him to show his appreciation for everything I do for him.  It is also a part of our intimacy circle and makes me feel spoiled, which I really enjoy.  I deserve my man cooking for me.

Occasionally, we’ll eat out (on a Saturday or Sunday). It’s not as fun as preparing food together at home, but I welcome the change. Although tomorrow is Friday, I’ve decided to spoil him this week with a special meal.  Inspired by the different places we eat out, I have listed tomorrow’s menu:

Spinach cheese dip
Strawberry Lemonade (Vodka)
Shrimp Scampi Linguine (with garlic cheese bread)
Caramel Pecan Brownies à la mode
I’m making everything from scratch!  I’m even putting together a new playlist!  So if you have any song suggestions, let me know!