A Gaming Couple – Friendship, Hobbies Together, And Sex

Gaming CoupleOne of the major keys to a successful marriage is having hobbies.  Not just hobbies you do on your own, although that isn’t necessarily bad, but hobbies you and your best friend and lover can do together.  Your spouse is your best friend right?  If (s)he is not, finding a hobby you can do together is a great way to rekindle or start that friendship.  For us, our friendship comes first in our relationship.  Sex, going out to eat, errands, and everything we do together is so much more enjoyable when we both understand that we are not just lovers, dating, or running around doing chores together, but we are best friends who happen to do some cool stuff, and some not so cool tedious stuff.  But at least we have our friendship and playfulness to get us through the long grocery line waits.  And how can sex, exploring each others bodies, anal, or yes even cum shots, not be fun as hell when you know it’s with your best friend? “Okay, we’re bored?  Let’s fuck then?!”

“Dang Ryan, I’ve never seen you cum so much, all over the place.  Oh my God I’m soaked, I love it.”

In a previous life, I would have totally ignored how much cum came out of Ryan’s dick.  Even if he would have ask me afterwards if I saw how much he came, I’d shrug and pretend to be annoyed, wash off, and go about our separate business.  It’s funny, because I’ve said in the past that at some point in the middle of our marriage, we became friends rather than husband and wife. The truth is, we became more of roommates, and weren’t really even friends.

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