Secret Sex Drive

Venice on her sex drive

The office was empty and I was working a little overtime.  I got a FaceTime request from Venice, who had just gotten off of work and seemed to be in a great mood.  It was Friday and she was in her car driving home for the night.  We were going to drink and relax soon, and she seemed extra excited.  After a few moments, she asked, “Can you turn on the other camera view and show me your crotch?”

I changed views and aimed it towards my pants.  I then replied, “Shouldn’t you keep your eyes on the road?”

She quickly told me to shut up and just do what she said.  I can see her driving and glancing towards the phone every now and then, but she could not see me at all.  My camera was faced towards my crotch.  I felt my balls begin to warm up and shift as the blood began to rush to my dick.  She teasingly asked, “How fast do you think you can cum for me?”

I responded, “I will show you when I get home.”

She replied, “How about you show me now and then you also show me when you get home?”  I didn’t respond but I knew what she wanted.  She then followed up her question and asked, “Why don’t you pull out your big ass dick and let me watch you stroke it while I drive home?”  I didn’t talk and obeyed her instructions.  I pulled my half-swollen dick out and watched it myself on the small video in the corner while most of my screen showed Venice’s face glancing at my dick.  I could see she immediately got excited.  “I want to watch that sexy dick shoot out cum all over the place.   Make sure you put your cock right up to the camera when you explode.”

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