Secret Sex Drive

Venice on her sex drive

The office was empty and I was working a little overtime.  I got a FaceTime request from Venice, who had just gotten off of work and seemed to be in a great mood.  It was Friday and she was in her car driving home for the night.  We were going to drink and relax soon, and she seemed extra excited.  After a few moments, she asked, “Can you turn on the other camera view and show me your crotch?”

I changed views and aimed it towards my pants.  I then replied, “Shouldn’t you keep your eyes on the road?”

She quickly told me to shut up and just do what she said.  I can see her driving and glancing towards the phone every now and then, but she could not see me at all.  My camera was faced towards my crotch.  I felt my balls begin to warm up and shift as the blood began to rush to my dick.  She teasingly asked, “How fast do you think you can cum for me?”

I responded, “I will show you when I get home.”

She replied, “How about you show me now and then you also show me when you get home?”  I didn’t respond but I knew what she wanted.  She then followed up her question and asked, “Why don’t you pull out your big ass dick and let me watch you stroke it while I drive home?”  I didn’t talk and obeyed her instructions.  I pulled my half-swollen dick out and watched it myself on the small video in the corner while most of my screen showed Venice’s face glancing at my dick.  I could see she immediately got excited.  “I want to watch that sexy dick shoot out cum all over the place.   Make sure you put your cock right up to the camera when you explode.”

I leaned back in my chair and listened to her talk as I felt my dick harden in my hand.  My mouth was drying from heavy breathing and my voice cracked when I responded, “I can’t do this holding a camera, I need my balls rubbed while I stroke…”

She quickly cut me off. “You better cum for me. If I were there, I would lay my face in your lap, and put my whole mouth around your sexy balls while you stroked.  I would love to smell your balls right now, warm and sweaty after a long day’s work.  I love your smells.  I’d suck on your nuts until they tightened up and your penis fed me what was inside them.  Oh Ryan, I want to taste your hot cum right now.  Don’t you wish you could give it to me?”  I nodded, stroking my dick harder as I knew she was talking me into an orgasm.   My dick leaked a little froth and I was unsure if she could see it.  She then asked, “Stop jacking your cock for a second and twist that cap off your soda in the background.”

On my work desk, I had a Mountain Dew.  Confused, I responded, “What?”

She snapped, “Stop fucking talking and do what I tell you.  I’m trying to drive, watch my man cum, and fucking keep you turned on.  Grab the fucking soda, twist off the fucking cap, and lay the cap on the desk.” Still unaware of what her request was leading to, I did what she said.  She watched with a smile and continued. “Now let me see your sexy cock again, I’m almost home.  I need to see your cum.”  I didn’t want to let her down so I grabbed my dick tightly and began to stroke hard and determined.  I could hear her moaning in the background.  She turned her camera away from her face and aimed it between her legs.  I could see her dress, the steering wheel, her legs, and slight view of her panties.  As she moved, her dress lifted and she opened her legs.  I now could clearly see her panties and it was obvious her crotch area was totally soaked.   The panties around her pussy lips were a different color, darker, and I could see the shape of her entire vagina.  She quickly moved the camera back to her own face, smiling, so she could watch me cum for her.  I leaned back in my chair and tightened my leg muscles.  The more I tightened my legs, the more I felt pressure in my prostate under my balls.  Venice noticed my posture and said, “Make sure you cum into that soda lid, Ryan, I want to see it.”

Thinking she was going to make me drink my own semen, I was hesitant, but knew if I resisted I would pay later.  I stood up and let her watch my dick from the top down, with my penis head directly over the soda cap.  I felt my balls tighten and heard Venice say, “Baby, I need to see you cum, please.  I can’t stand it anymore.”

I exploded.

Although I tried to keep my semen in the cap, it launched everywhere.  Venice moaned as she watched the white liquid shoot from my penis.  The cap quickly filled and she could see cum flowing over the sides like fountain.  As I sat back in the chair, my hands were shaking but I tried to get a close up of the cap full of my sperm.  Before I could focus, I heard a vehicle honk from outside of my office.  I jumped up as fast as I could and flung my still dripping dick back into my pants.  I fastened my belt and discretely peeked out the window.  It was Venice in her car, smiling.  Still on the phone, she asked me to bring her the soda cap and to not spill her cum.  I slowly walked outside, balancing the sperm in the lid.  As I handed it to her, she noticed that my cum had spilled all over my fingers as well.  She quickly drank my sperm from the lid like it was in a shot glass and chased the shot by sucking my juices off my fingers.  She then said, “Thanks,” and rolled up her car window.  She went in reverse, and left me standing in the parking lot with an empty soda lid and my boxers soaking wet from my cum that was still dripping from my cock.

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That was pretty hot. Nice one.

you had me stoking my cock, you are so hot Venice, and Ryan you are one lucky guy. Oh Venice I had seen some of your pics on F/b, and may I say one are the hottest mixed Asain I have ever seen, and I have sen a few good ones. thanks for the stories my wife and I love them