Freaky Friday Weekly Search Terms – biggest dick ever been deepthroated

freakyfridayEach week we will post our most outrageous search terms that people used to find our website that week.  Ryan and I will then share our own thoughts and hopefully entertain you guys or at least make the search term make a little less sense.

Each search term was gathered by wordpress and/or google statistics and they are all very real search terms.   Each search term was used by some person in the world that ended up on our page.

10. super deepthroat / megadildo deepthroat
Ryan:  Sounds exciting.
Venice: Sounds like an amazing se-XMen movie.
Ryan: The Return of Magneto and Mandingo
Venice: se-Xmen Origins: Polverine.
Venice: Professor seX and PipeCrawler
Ryan: I’m done.
Venice: The Colossus and  Longshot
Ryan: Done?
Venice: Cyclops and Cumfire Released
Venice: The Beast and Cockheed Do Dallas
Ryan:  Seriously, I only know Magneto and Wolverine.  Mine are all used up.
Venice: Marvel Girl’s Rising Phoenix
Ryan: Nerd.
Venice: Hayyyterrr.

9. i lost a bet and sucked another mans cock
Venice: I have to wonder if this type of bet is contractually binding?
Ryan: Well, it is an oral agreement.
Venice: I see what you did there.
Ryan: Depending on his size, it could have been a pinky promise.
Venice:  Just stop…
Ryan: What?  The guy lost a bet so he needs to suck it up and pay the piper.
Venice: I just think this is one of those bets a guy should welch on.
Ryan: Listen, all we have is our balls and our word…
Venice:  …and apparently another man’s balls in your mouth.
Ryan: Oh god.   If a man says he is going to mow your grass, well damnit, he better not let the weeds grow.
Venice: If I was a man and I found out the weeds squirted sperm in my face, your yard would be a damn forest.
8. pics of women who will swallow my cum
Venice:  Is he looking for pictures of women that would possibly swallow his cum?
Ryan: Hmmm, kind of like a classified ad.
Venice: “Wanted: Woman who will swallow my cum. Must be a woman. Must have a mouth. Please send selfie shots to

7. my husband wants to let our baby suck his dick
Ryan:  Not cool at all.
Venice:  What the fuck.

6. what women think of anal cum shits
Venice: Truly a question for the ages.
Ryan: Listen, I’m still not over the last one.  Like, seriously, why put the baby term on the list and then follow up with cum shits?
Venice: You’re welcome.

5. lol dildo swallowed
Venice:  I don’t see what’s so funny.
Ryan: All your lulz are belong to us.
Venice:  Really Ryan?
Ryan:  What?  The person thinks it’s funny to swallow dildos.  Nothing wrong with that.
Venice: Okay Mr. Funny Guy, how about you make me laugh.

4. biggest dick ever been deepthroated
Venice:  I’m flattered this person was led to us
Ryan:  You’re flattered?  So am I, unfortunately he was extremely let down.
Venice:  Ha!  Stop.
Ryan: Not laughing.
Venice: All your lulz are not belong to us!?

3. i let him see my vagnia
Venice:  Since when did we become a confession booth?
Ryan: I don’t think God has any problem with vagnias.
Venice: We should Urban Dictionary some of these terms we get.
Ryan:  Well, what exactly does vagnia mean to you V?
Venice: Vag-ni-a (noun): A 6th sense found in females that gives them power to control a male
Ryan: Oh that term is already in Urban Dictionary.  It’s called Pussy Whipped.

2. will my wife enjoy wearing a butt plug during sex
Venice: What the hell.  Why don’t you ask her?
Ryan: Actually, I googled that term and clicked our site to see if you would answer it on Freaky Friday.
Venice: I hope you are fucking kidding me.
Ryan:  Well?
Venice: Well what?
Ryan: Will my wife enjoy wearing a butt plug during sex?
Venice: Done.
Ryan: This is my new form of communication.  Google terms and somehow have it lead back to our page so you can answer my questions.
Venice: So smartie, how well did that whole, ‘get an answer’ thing work out for you?
Ryan: Well, give me a chance to perfect this communication technique.
Venice:  Done.

1. if i swallow my own sperm from masterbating will i get a disease
Ryan: This depends on what exactly you do prior to swallowing your sperm.  Let’s say you sperm into a nice cold bottle of delicious syphilis on a hot day, it may be possible.
Venice: I like the way you make that bottle of mountain brewed syphilis delight almost sound wonderful.
Ryan: Well, it did make me thirsty…
Venice: Do you want me to give you a minute alone in the bathroom or something?
Ryan: Hmph.

Bonus: dustins nipple
Ryan: Winner.