A Female’s Experience With Erotic Asphyxiation

I mentioned in my article, Face Fucking, that I held my breath because it made my orgasm more intense. Why is that? My thought process was simple: in order not to throw myself off, I had to keep as still as possible, and keeping as still as possible meant not breathing. After I tell Ryan that I’m about to cum, my body tenses up and I wait for my orgasm. In that brief three-second period, I will begin holding my breath and continue doing so until I’m about halfway done with my orgasm, which is comprised of anywhere between 15-20 mini convulsions. Then I would exhale deeply as if I lost my breath and was just getting it back. I thought that was weird, too. But I figured my muscles and insides were racing, causing me to “work” without really moving. Kind of like holding a push-up in the up position – you aren’t moving, but somehow you’re tired after about a minute.

For those of you who don’t know, autoerotic asphyxiation is:

A form of sexual masochism in which oxygen flow to the brain is reduced, as by controlled strangulation or suffocation, in order to enhance the pleasure of masturbation.” (Medical-Dicionary)

Author John Curra wrote, “The carotid arties (on either side of the neck) carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the brain. When these are compressed, as in strangulation or hanging, the sudden loss of oxygen to the brain and the accumulation of carbon dioxide can increase feelings of giddiness, lightheadness, and pleasure, all of which will heighten masturbatory sensations.”

This may have gotten mainstream exposure since the passing of actor David Carradine, who supposedly died because of autoerotic asphyxiation. Of course this is a taboo subject and even falls into the category of being a sexual deviant. And with good reason: when the victims are found they are in compromising positions, their genitalia are hanging out (sometimes still erect), and for the first time their families get a glimpse into their unknown sexual activities. Not the way their families want to remember them. And taboo because people really don’t want to give young, impressionable minds ideas. Guess what: it’s been around longer than you think.

While the cases are few and far between, there are indeed instances where the media have been blamed for, not necessarily glorifying autoerotic asphyxiation, but by simply bringing it to the public’s eye. In the case of Herceg v. Hustler, the mother of a 14-year-old boy sues Hustler magazine because her son read about autoerotic asphyxiation in an article in their magazine (HERCEG v HUSTLER).

The term erotic asphyxiation is the nearly the same  as autoerotic asphyxiation, except you have a partner with you,  whick keeps things safer and more controlled.  In this blog, everything I do is safe and controlled.  I would not advise anyone under any circumstances to do anything I write about in this blog, even if you have a partner.

Now, this is not something I practice. But I can at least understand how some can derive pleasure from it. At first I didn’t even connect my holding my breath to the idea of erotic asphyxiation until recently. When I first heard of erotic asphxiation, I could not understand how people could find sexual gratification from being deprived of air. I couldn’t understand it because I, myself, would get too nervous about passing out and subsequently ruining my orgasm. As I stated above, I thought holding my breath helped to ensure my orgasm wasn’t ruined by my own movement. But thinking about it like this, I came to believe that it has some semblance in that the lack of oxygen enhanced the orgasm.

Chokes are no joke
Chokes are no joke

Recently I jokingly told Ryan that he should choke me as soon as I told him I was going to cum. I was scared at first because I did NOT want to pass out. I was afraid that Ryan would not know when to ease up on the choke hold and I would accidentally get hurt.  To prepare for this experiment, Ryan sat up on the bed while I laid between his legs. I spread my pussy lips open and began to stroke my clit in little circles, dipping my fingers inside and using my own froth to make my lips slick. I closed my eyes and relaxed. He squeezed my breasts and tugged on my nipples between his fingers. He licked behind my ear and on my neck, hitting the sensitive spot and shooting a sensation straight to my g-spot. My breathing became more shallow, shorter. I was starting to feel the beginning of my cum brewing. I slipped my fingers in me for more of my juice, circling my swollen lips and clit in a steady motion. I squirmed against Ryan’s body as his dick rubbed down my lower back. I moaned softly. Ryan knows to steady his movements so I don’t get distracted. I moan a little louder and tilt my head back. We both know I’m close. Ryan pinches my nipples harder and grazes my neck with his teeth. I tell him that I’m about to cum. The muscles deep in my pussy twitch twice before I feel Ryan slide his arm up; the crook of his arm embedded itself under my chin as he flexed his bicep. I see darkness closing in from the outside of my range of sight. As he squeezes harder, the heat flows in my eyes and surrounds my face. My eyes feel like they’re going to pop out as he maintains the blood choke on me. I feel only one more twitch in my pussy before I panic and lose the rest of my orgasm.

The result: there’s no possible way for me to enjoy erotic asphyxiation through this method because it’s ruined by my own panic and paranoia. However, I do hold my breathe as it does undoubtedly intensify my cum.

But the experiment isn’t over. The way I learned that I was holding my breath was when I first learned to deepthroat. Why? Because I can’t breathe! Being choked externally, I panic. I freak out when I feel hands or arms  around my neck and I’m not in control. The oxygen choke (what I get when I hold my breath or deepthroat) is a controlled choke. The blood choke (being choked by someone) is faster and one that causes fear because I cannot manage it myself. Face fucking and deepthroating are two ways in which I may have somewhat control over the amount of oxygen that enters my body. A good face fucking limits my air supply (but I control it) and gives me the most intense orgasms because I get the thrill of asphyxiation but the safety of self-control.

As a female, I cannot explain why men find erotic asphyxiation enjoyable; though I can explain why having Ryan’s dick deep in my throat (unable to breath) gives me some of the best orgasms. There have been many times where I’ve touched myself while Ryan kneeled above me.  I’d take his dick in my mouth and pull him down until he was completely in my throat; in doing so, I deprive myself of air. I want his dick deep down in my throat as I cum.  I scream on his dick while I orgasm making my throat and mouth vibrate around him.  This lasts about a minute.  Sometimes Ryan gets afraid I’m not getting enough air and slowly lifts his dick out of my throat too early, I’ll immediately yank him back down onto me so I can finish.  I’ve even told him that if he does this, it ruins my cum.  In other words, if he pulls his dick out of my throat while I am cumming, it throws off the rest of my orgasm.  I stop cumming immediately and do not fully enjoy myself.  Not good.  I want to feel my mouth, throat, and face full of his body, to the point I can’t  breath while I orgasm.  This intensifies my cums.  Most of the cases of autoerotic asphyxiation involve males, but this is MY version of it.  I may not enjoy physically being choked, but I do enjoy the intense cum and the thrill of not being able to breath.

Does this mean I enjoy (autoerotic) erotic asphyxiation?  To a degree, yes.  Not in the traditional sense that we’ve all read about where a person practices alone and ends up killing himself.  I have noticed that while I orgasm I do love some enjoyable, tolerable pain – I love Ryan’s dick thrusting as hard as he can in my pussy, ass, and throat during my orgasms.  In saying this, I believe I prefer this controlled suffocation as a form of tolerable pain.  I also believe the  difference lies: In reading (Ryan is not into erotic asphyxiation and doesn’t enjoy feeling lightheaded or being choked during sex/masturbation — so this article is based off things I’ve read about men and the pleasure they receive from autoerotic asphyxiation), men seem to enjoy the moments prior to an orgasm.    The lack of oxygen heightens their sense and creates a lightheaded feeling that seems to amplify their orgasms.  I’ve also read that the lack of oxygen will create a better erection.  In fact, asphyxiation was originally a treatment of erectile dysfunction.  It is said that during public hangings, some men would get erections, some even keeping these erects after death (death erections).   I do not enjoy erotic asphyxiation for any of those reasons.   For me, it’s not the moments prior, but the punishment to my body during the orgasm itself.  This punishment prolongs my orgasm and makes the feeling much more intense.  The idea of having a penis deep down my throat to the point I cannot breath turns me on and keeps my body tense and orgasmic.   The abuse and tension keeps me from wanting to breath, as I squeeze and release myself.   With my first breath, my body relaxes and the orgasm subsides.  That’s my reasons.

 To make things clear, I do not condone autoerotic asphyxiation.  Why? It’s a dangerous practice and no one in their right mind would condone that.