Q&A: Husband says I give the best blow jobs ever, but why did he cum with another girl in 2 minutes!?

Husband says I give the best blow jobs ever, but when we recently had a threesome, he had an orgasm after 2 minutes of her sucking his dick.

When I give hubby a blow job it takes him forever to cum. I am talking 15-20 minutes. Yet I could get most others I have given blow jobs to cum in about 2-5 minutes. Fast forward to this past weekend and my husband got a blow job from this much fitter and much younger woman. He blew a huge load in like less than 2-3 minutes. I asked him later if she sucked cock better than me and he said absolutely no. I asked him why he came so quick and he said, “Baby your blow jobs feel so good I hold back on purpose.” I told him I want to see how quick I can get him off so he said “Okay.” Tonight he is getting greeted naked and getting unzipped immediately to see.

What is y’all experience on time?

Venice’s response to best blow jobs ever
If a man says a bj is so good that he holds back on purpose, he may be telling the truth. So I would take that as a compliment. However, if he orgasms faster with a “much fitter and much younger woman,” then I could see how that would be confusing and possible hurt a woman’s feelings. But judging by your question, it doesn’t seem like you’re more focused on how long it takes for him to orgasm than jealousy of a younger woman making him cum faster. So I will address that. In my experience, depending on how “turned on” my man is, or if he has not came in a long time, it can be super quick (2-3 minutes). If we’ve been having sex, then switch to blowjobs, then back to sex, then back to blowjobs, then it can take longer (10 minutes).

Ryan’s response to best blow jobs ever
Personally I think if you let your husband get a blow job from a fitter, younger woman, you should not judge him on how quick he orgasms.  If you are insecure in your oral sex abilities, then do not open the door for other women to please your man.  Having a strange woman that is fit and younger sucking your penis can turn you on more than you would normally be turned on.  Forget the fit and younger part, just the fact she is strange and new.  This new girl could be the worst at giving oral sex but because it’s so new, the man may be going through some inner egotistical horny phase of having a strange woman down on her knees pleasing him.  Sometimes this our inner thoughts and desires make us orgasm quickly, regardless of what the mouth is actually doing on our dicks.  If Venice is talking extremely dirty to me, or doing something wild like throwing up in my lap, I may orgasm from just seeing something so crazy.  If she flips me over and licks my ass, I may cum on the couch before she even turns me back over.  However, none of that has to do with how good she is giving me a blow job, just how turned on I am.  A new woman can turn us on because she is new.  In my opinion, that’s the excitement and rush you get from having a third person in your bedroom.  It should not be offensive because that is why you probably decided to try (swinging / threesomes) in the first place.  There may be  nothing special about her skills, her technique, or anything else.  If you are allowing him to get blow jobs from other women, you should be in a mental space where you want him turned on and having fun.  That’s the whole purpose.   

For the record, yes, sometimes we do hold back.  Although not always talked about, the build up to the orgasm is much more satisfying than the actual orgasm itself.  The orgasm is a final release, closure.  However, the sex high, the endorphins, the stress relieving, the bonding, the emotional connection, the “love” we feel towards a woman, is during the euphoric stage where we are building up to our orgasms.  At least for me.  If I didn’t have feelings for a woman, I probably would just fuck or sit back and get my dick sucked to have a release.  I personally wouldn’t want a mental connection or a long euphoric stage where I feel some sort of bond.  I just want to cum.  So Venice is right, take that as a compliment.

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