Review: OMYSKY Lipstick Vibrator (The Perfect Hidden Pleasure)

OMYSKY Lipstick Vibrator (The Perfect Hidden Pleasure)

Recently we took a cruise and guess what came with mePun intended.  If this Lipstick Vibrator isn’t the coolest little thing I have ever experienced!  What’s really sexy is, just like normal lipstick, it leaves my lips moist and flush red!

This thing puts a whole new twist on “make-up” sex

There isn’t much to say about this little thing except: incognito, low-key, 007 – my little James Wand, Go-Go Gadget Vibrator, and “Oh, let me just go to the bathroom and put my face on.”  Small enough to shove in a corner pocket of your purse, undetectable, and can even be pulled out as you look for other things.  This little guy gives no hints of what he is really all about.  It’s the perfect little toy for the girl on the go!

A big thank you to for sending us this sexy little guy to review.  This is probably the best thing we’ve reviewed, simply because I will actually use it more than once.  For now, it works great, the battery lasts long enough to get me through an intense work out, and it charges quickly via magnets on the bottom. 

Ladies, if the fellas think we take forever to do our make up now, wait…just wait!

Information from their website.

Price: $24.99

OMYSKY Lipstick Vibrator

1. Realistic Lipstick Disguise, Portable
2. Lacquer Crafts, Shiny & Fashionable
3. Soft Silicone, Easy to Clean
4. Waterproof, Quiet

Item Specifics:
Item Type: Bullet Vibrator
Gender: Female
Material: Silicone, ABS
Vibration Modes: 10 Modes
Power: USB Magnetic charging
Color: Red & Black & Gold
Size: 92mm × 22mm × 22mm (3.62” × 0.87″ × 0.87″)

Package included:
1* Bullet Vibrator

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