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mrandmrssmithIn blogging with Venice over the last two years I have noticed that most readers enjoy Venice’s perspective on our sex life rather than my own.  I assume this is because as men, we’ve always been very open about what we like during sex, or aren’t usually the ones with the boundaries in the bedroom.  

Here’s an example of a man’s sex blog, “Things I like in the bedroom:  EVERYTHING.”  One blog post, one word, and  retired. 

However, it seems we should be better at blogging since we’ve been doing it long before there was an Internet, we just did it in locker rooms and at any other random place we could get someone to actually listen to us talk.  In fact, if you want a man’s perspective on his sex life, simply walk up to him while he is sitting in the park feeding some ducks, and ask, “Do you enjoy cumming in your wife’s ass hole or her vagina the most?”

It’s that easy.

However, for these Memoirs, Venice has asked me to share my thoughts as well.   For her, this is another blog project (see also:  Project: 31 Days of Cum Shots; Project: Asian Bush).

Originally, the idea of Venice being bisexual seemed surreal.  Does that make sense?  I knew she was turned on by lesbian scenes in porn, but she’d always tell me it was only because it wasn’t something she normally saw or thought about.   It wasn’t like we sat around all day watching porn or anything, but every now and then we would play a porn in the background while we were intimate and she seemed to orgasm very quickly depending on what type of porn was playing (lesbian or 2 women and a man).

I didn’t think much of it and she always seemed pretty irritated if I asked her if hooking up with another woman was something she ever wanted to try.  I assume, because I am a man (please see the beginning of this article), the fact I even suggested her hooking up with another women meant  I’d also be around that other woman too.  This immediately made her close down and get defensive.  She knew hooking up with a woman would probably turn me on just as much as it would her.  She also knew it was dangerous to bring another person inside our circle.  For those exact reasons, and because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, I was always hesitant to mention her sexuality and I never pushed the issue.  In other words, I left it alone.

I think, talking to me about her wanting to be with another woman threatened her.  At that time, there is no way she would ever be okay with a threesome.  In fact, if I even said the word threesome, she may have filed for a divorce.  She was very protective and she always let me know that she loved me so much because I only had eyes for her.  I was proud she noticed, so I made it my mission to spend the first thirteen years of our marriage without even looking at another woman.  I was totally whipped.

Anyway, I believe Venice’s bisexuality came to fruition after we talked about possibly taking a vacation on a swingers’ cruise.  Why a swingers’ cruise?  Let me explain.  Around our vanilla friends, we felt like outsiders.  Not because we wanted to swing, but because we were extremely open about our sex lives.  Whether we would joke about what we did the night before, or openly kiss and make out in front of them, we felt like we didn’t belong.  In our minds, swingers were open minded.  Also, not all swingers swap, which is something we have both discussed in length, and neither of us want this.  Soft swinging was more of playing in front of other couples, which we did already anyway, while the wives possibly playing with each other.  If everyone got along and agreed, both couples could have sex in front of the other couple, without swapping.  Basically, exhibitionism or voyeurism, which again, Venice and I were very much into.   Also, we didn’t take many vacations and a cruise seemed fun as hell.

The idea of being totally open and being able to talk about sex freely felt good to us both.  In fact, the idea of going on this cruise also led Venice into talking about how I’d feel if she made out with another wife one night.  We both knew that we didn’t want to swap or anything, but Venice seemed very interested in the idea of possibly getting a bit tipsy and kissing a woman for the first time.

Although we never took that cruise, it was at this point that we both sat down and discussed our sexuality. She expressed to me that she would love to make out with another woman.  She didn’t want another guy involved, but would love to see what it was like to kiss a girl.  Obviously this excited me and I let her know how I felt.  During this conversation, Venice openly told me she felt bisexual.  Although I thought this meant she was lesbian, she let me know that she had no real interest in doing anything without me being with her.  As far as I knew, her fantasies consisted of nothing more than kissing and making out with another woman while I watched. 

It wasn’t just her sexuality changing, this talk also occurred around the same time Venice was going through other major changes.  She had just learned to deep throat me, she began asking for anal sex regularly and explained to me she enjoyed her orgasms more during anal sex, and we started a intimacy routine that what we now call, our circle. 

Thirteen years into our marriage, and our sex life was upside down.  Whether it was a mid marriage crisis or her sexual awakening, she had me totally interested in her every thought.  In fact, I suggested we start a blog so we could write about the different things we were feeling.  For whatever reason, we tend to communicate much better when we write letters.  A blog seemed to make a lot of sense.  Rather than talking to me about what she was currently feeling, she could talk to the world and I could sneak inside her mind and get to know her better. 

Our first blog went under the moniker “Mr. And Mrs. Smith.”  Although this wasn’t an original idea, we felt that Mr. and Mrs. Smith was our secret identity.  Two sex agents who shared their dirty thoughts with the world.  After about six months, the addition of a Twitter account, and learning we were 1 of 1000 Mr. and Mrs. Smiths, we decided to purchase a domain and take our blogging to another level.  Our new last name would be Bloggs.   And what better name to talk about the Bloggs sex life than a domain called, “FuckBlogging.”   I guess this is the perfect time for me to mention the title of this blog:

His Story.


Your mind’s blown right?  I didn’t think so.

The rest of our blogging journey can be followed by using our sites navigation interface.  The first month of our blog was the different stories we wrote as Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Rather than dating them properly, we simply just took all that old content and posted them as soon as we opened this domain.

As far as us deciding to have a threesome goes, that story is still in the works.  From spending time on Twitter and writing articles on our blog, to sitting up late nights discussing some of the things we have written, our journey is just starting.