Q&A: I am uncut, how do I clean my penis properly? I have smegma!

I am uncut, how do I clean my penis properly?

I was raised in a household where all things sexual and about sex parts were controversial and not discussed. I am a teenager and just learned that my foreskin retracts much more than I previously thought. I’ve been able to retract it a bit below the head. Sorry to go into graphic detail but what I found is disgusting.  There is a smegma all over my head kinda hardened and just below the bottom of it.  The worst part is that it is so damn sensitive that using a shower head or something to clean would probably kill me.  It is just so painful.

How do I go about cleaning my penis properly? I’m also pretty sure some of it is also at the inner part of my foreskin so how do I clean that as well? Any and all suggestions help.  Just please help me clean my penis.

Venice’s response:
Warm bath, retract, lather, repeat.  Do this daily.  Women have a clitoral hood, that is very much like foreskin, that we also pull back and wash underneath.  Just like the penis head, the clitoris is extremely sensitive. A lot of women do not know that this area needs to be cleaned and can also have the same type of build up you described.  This can cause an odor. The clitoris is very sensitive, but I can still pull back the hood and wash the areas around it.  Pull up your big boy britches and get to cleaning.  You’ll get used to it.  I’d imagine if you never brushed your teeth in your life, it would hurt to rub a brush against your teeth and gums.  Of course you get used to it  The same goes for your penis.  It won’t fall off or break.

Ryan’s response:
Sit in a warm bath, retract the skin, and let it soak.  A few simple wipes once the smegma has unhardened should be enough.  I can’t imagine your head being so sensitive you can’t touch it. When you urinate, practice pulling your foreskin all the way back so you start getting used to the feeling.  If you can retract the foreskin enough, the inside skin will clean itself, because the inside skin just became the outside the outside.  Lather and wash.

Interesting question that a lot of us cut men never deal with.  My penis head isn’t sensitive unless I have just had an orgasm.  I have also never had to learn to wash it, because it just like washing my hands.  I do understand how being uncut can be a bit more complicated, especially if a child isn’t educated properly.  Hopefully parents can learn to be open enough to teach their kids how to properly clean their genitals. I have heard a technique some parents teach their children to do at a young age. The let their child know to retract the foreskin of their penis when they urinate, which helps raise awareness. This helps the child learn about their foreskin, the retraction technique, and later, being able to keep it clean with this same technique.

On another note, I recently learned how to keep my balls totally fresh and smelling amazing for the entire day.  Something I was never taught and had to learn from someone else recently.  I will blog about it.