Project: 3 Days of Edging ( How To Make Bigger Cum Shots )

Project Day 1:  How To make Bigger Cum Shots

Day 1  (Morning):
I woke up on day 1 in the morning before work with the alarm clock sounding off and my morning erection aching.  I lean into Venice and whisper in her ear to rub lube on her pussy.   She slowly grumbles because she hasn’t woken up yet, leans over and grabs the coconut oil and wets up her hairless crotch.  She is such a loyal woman.  Her patience and dedication turns me on so much.  She slides back into me, spoon position.  Her ass is arched back at the perfect angle so her pussy is right in my lap.  Without using hands I guide my hard dick into her lubed up tight vagina.  No matter how many times this happens, the first insertion is always met with a euphoric resistance by her walls.  A woman’s pussy is so tight before the penis gets a chance to loosen it up in the coming moments.  Venice, no matter how tired, always releases loud gasps as my dick slides inside her.  She loves it.  Her body craves the feeling of her walls stretching and the massage my dick gives her.  For the rest of the day her vagina will have to stay in her snug and hidden at work, smashed inside her wet panties, unable to breath. Uncomfortable and unused.  Tight and moist.  My morning dick is like a perfect stretch her body and womanhood needs.  Imagine the feeling of someone stretching between your toes after a long day walking in the tightest shoes, or putting your hands together and forcing your fingers backwards in a stretching motion after squeezing them all day.  It’s so relieving for our bodies to feel this natural stretch that releases all our tension and stress.  I give her that feeling with my dick.  how to make bigger cum shots and more cum

I move back and forth between going balls deep inside her pussy, to pulling my dick all the way out, and without hands, putting pressure on the rim of her ass.  No matter how hard my dick is, the head of my penis still has soft tissue that I can push against her anus and massage her rim.  I can always sense her slight hesitation because there is a chance that when my head penetrates her ass, she will get that feeling of needing to use the bathroom and ruin the moment.  The key is to go slow, push slowly, and only insert about 2 inches inside to let her feel the stretch, but not penetrate past her inner nerves that creates that uncomfortable burn.  This isn’t talked about much, but getting a woman to love anal depends on how much you warm up that first few inches, never rush in.  I don’t want to go deeper, I just want to feel her give her body to me, every hole.  I take my dick and slide it back inside her pussy.  She moans and really enjoys feeling her husband use both of her holes. how to make bigger cumshots and more cum

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