Project: 3 Days of Edging ( How To Make Bigger Cum Shots )

Project Day 1:  How To make Bigger Cum Shots

Day 1  (Morning):
I woke up on day 1 in the morning before work with the alarm clock sounding off and my morning erection aching.  I lean into Venice and whisper in her ear to rub lube on her pussy.   She slowly grumbles because she hasn’t woken up yet, leans over and grabs the coconut oil and wets up her hairless crotch.  She is such a loyal woman.  Her patience and dedication turns me on so much.  She slides back into me, spoon position.  Her ass is arched back at the perfect angle so her pussy is right in my lap.  Without using hands I guide my hard dick into her lubed up tight vagina.  No matter how many times this happens, the first insertion is always met with a euphoric resistance by her walls.  A woman’s pussy is so tight before the penis gets a chance to loosen it up in the coming moments.  Venice, no matter how tired, always releases loud gasps as my dick slides inside her.  She loves it.  Her body craves the feeling of her walls stretching and the massage my dick gives her.  For the rest of the day her vagina will have to stay in her snug and hidden at work, smashed inside her wet panties, unable to breath. Uncomfortable and unused.  Tight and moist.  My morning dick is like a perfect stretch her body and womanhood needs.  Imagine the feeling of someone stretching between your toes after a long day walking in the tightest shoes, or putting your hands together and forcing your fingers backwards in a stretching motion after squeezing them all day.  It’s so relieving for our bodies to feel this natural stretch that releases all our tension and stress.  I give her that feeling with my dick.  how to make bigger cum shots and more cum

I move back and forth between going balls deep inside her pussy, to pulling my dick all the way out, and without hands, putting pressure on the rim of her ass.  No matter how hard my dick is, the head of my penis still has soft tissue that I can push against her anus and massage her rim.  I can always sense her slight hesitation because there is a chance that when my head penetrates her ass, she will get that feeling of needing to use the bathroom and ruin the moment.  The key is to go slow, push slowly, and only insert about 2 inches inside to let her feel the stretch, but not penetrate past her inner nerves that creates that uncomfortable burn.  This isn’t talked about much, but getting a woman to love anal depends on how much you warm up that first few inches, never rush in.  I don’t want to go deeper, I just want to feel her give her body to me, every hole.  I take my dick and slide it back inside her pussy.  She moans and really enjoys feeling her husband use both of her holes. how to make bigger cumshots and more cum

After going back and forth between holes I sit up in bed and slide her lower leg between my legs.  This angle is amazing.  Her body creates a scissor effect and her lower thigh rubs on my hairy balls as I thrust inside her.  This position gives Venice maximum penetration, and depending on the angle I use, I can rub my dick against her G-spot and anterior fornix, or go behind her cervix and massage her posterior fornix.  This is the deepest wall in a woman, and for Venice, the spot that makes her orgasm.   I feel my orgasm growing and I pull out and rub my dick on her lips and anus.  I can see my dick spilling clear fluid as my prostate spasms.  I do not orgasm, but my body is edged to the point my insides are twitching and I have to control the flood gates to keep my semen from pouring onto her.

I lay back on my back with my balls aching from my orgasm being suppressed and ask her to massage me.  She is awake now and in a good mood from her stretch.  However, she is somewhat frustrated because we both wanted me to orgasm inside her pussy and start our day.  If I massage the bottom of her pussy, she gets frustrated if I do not release.  Every instinct in her body wants her husband to procreate with her and that spot feels almost like I am depositing my semen directly onto her ovaries.  It’s what every woman wants. She loves feeling the twitch and warmth against her furthest most untouched walls inside her body.   How exactly do you stop when you are purposely blue balling yourself to create a larger orgasm for her later?  Neither of us knew.  I just knew I couldn’t stop yet and I had to have a cool down.  Our goal was to suppress my orgasm so in a few days Venice could enjoy the largest load she has ever had in her mouth.  She whispered to me the night before that she wanted to have so much semen in her mouth that is spills out and stretched her face cheeks.  She wants to choke while trying to swallow my juices.  That thought is so hot.  She gets up and grabs the coconut oil.  Over the last few years, we have both changed our daily sex/oral sex, to massages and hand jobs.  Some of our old readers have read about our “circle”, so they know our ideas on spending intimate time together twice a day.  For years Venice woke me up every morning to a oral sex.  As amazing as this was, I had to focus so hard on having an orgasm, it left me tense and sweaty. Sometimes after 20 minutes, I couldn’t cum.  This upset Venice and left us both frustrated. Introducing slower massages with coconut oil was a happy ending for us both.  She really does enjoy swallowing me each morning, and I enjoy watching her do that for me.  It works for us.  It also kept Venice’s vagina and mouth from being worn out while at the same time creates a more relaxing atmosphere for us to talk, fantasize and spend time together.   It’s kind of hard to talk to each other with my dick in Venice’s mouth (although she does try).

I lay on my back as Venice massages me, bringing me to the edge a few more times.  Each time I edge, she leans down, sucks on my head and sticks her tongue inside my pee hole.  I love the slight stinging sensation this creates.  She loves the taste of my froth.  I almost can’t control my orgasm because I can’t stop thinking about how moments earlier, the same penis head she is sucking on was inside her pussy and ass.  Something about seeing a woman taste herself drives me wild.  I ask her to stop and kind of curl up because the thought of her tasting herself is making my orgasm grow uncontrollably.  I can’t stop the pressure.  I press down hard on my balls and squeeze my dick, thankfully, suppressing the urge to release and feel the fluid in tubes reverse back into my body.  I had to stop for the morning.  I sit up and kiss Venice on her lips and tell her thank you.

Fuck this is going to be tough.

What’s going to make it tougher, Venice will send me nudes throughout the day to make sure my balls keep creating semen, even though I am already worked up as is.  So all throughout my work day, I look down at my phone and see close ups of my wife’s mouth, pussy lips, and ass hole.

Day 1 (Night):
As most men know, being left with blue balls isn’t a great feeling, but it will create a larger better orgasm later.  After working all day I come home and shower.  Venice was in a great mood and extra chatty.  As she took a shower I laid down in bed nude reading reddit on my phone with one hand, rubbing my hairy crotch with the other.  I  turned on the live stream so our readers on our site could secretly watch us if they wanted.  Since we do not actively monitor who is or isn’t watching, we have no idea if anyone is actually there.  However, it’s always kinky to see the camera lights on the ceiling aimed at our bed.  Venice slowly massages me while happily letting me know our daughter got her scholarship money for college.  I try to listen, but today is different.  I usually release each morning.  Venice is the greatest human I have ever met.  What girl could help her man release every morning for 6 years like clockwork?  No complaints, no making me feel bad, just there for me.  In our first 14 years together, we weren’t as connected and we would probably have sex me every other day.  On the off days, I would lay in another room and release myself without ever really talking about it.  We both knew I did, but back then Venice probably preferred I left her alone on the off day.  We were both young, young minded, slept in different rooms, and both saw sex as an obligation.  I don’t know if it was kids or we were both still used to life where it was more comfortable to sleep alone in our own beds.  We were not nearly as connected as we are now.  6 years ago all that changed.  This was about the same time we started this blog.  The breaking point, either grow up and commit to each other completely, or turn into friends and raise kids in different households.  We made the right decision.

Either way, Venice hasn’t seen me with a full load since we met over 20 years ago.  This is why we are both excited to see how this all turns out.  I wiggle and grind my body into her hand trying to feel the cum feeling that I hadn’t missed in years.   I am not used to feeling like this and want relief. Even if I can’t have a full release, I still just want to feel it.  I am an addict.  I just need a taste…..

It doesn’t take long, I feel myself grow in Venice’s hand.  I am hard as a rock and Venice tells me how my balls are tightening.  She knows what that body reaction means.  Her Daddy is going to cum.  I moan for her to stop stroking and kegel as hard as I can trying to control my release.  I do not orgasm, but I still feel my full balls almost forcing fluids through my kegel muscle.  Venice gasps and says, “You just came?!”  I look down and she shows me her hand that is squeezing the head of my dick.  I see my semen almost creating a thick fountain effect on the top of her finger wrapped around my dick.  Although I didn’t orgasm, my body did release cum.  Venice had never really edged me, or we never played any type of edging games, so she didn’t know if I had a full orgasm or my body was releasing fluids because we are stopping right on the brink of a full orgasm.  I let Venice know this is going to happen because my body hasn’t had this much cum in my balls in almost 20 years.  It’s going to leak, but its not an orgasm.  This excites her.  She does the same thing 4 or 5 more times, each time, I stop her right before I orgasm and each time I leak fluid.  Sometimes watery and clear, sometimes watery and white, and sometimes it looked like one single large spill of an actual cum shot.  I know my body, so none of these leaks or edges are actual cums.  My balls are aching, I want a real full orgasm, but I just ask her to stop.  I know that if I keep going I will let go and actually release everything.    

Venice gets up and puts on her black sundress.  She lays back in the bed and opens and closes her legs knowing she is fanning and exposing her pussy to me.  Although she isn’t saying anything, I can tell she is horny from edging me for the first time.  When she gets horny she doesn’t ever say anything, but body language says it all.  Sometimes she will get turned on doing things to me, or talking dirty to me, and instead of getting up and moving on with her day, she will lay there casually exposing herself.  She is always a lady, so she still waits for me to offer to help her release.  Whether that be sex, oral sex, or using her toy.  Today was different, I was still trying to get myself together as I walked around the room, balls aching.   She eventually catches my eyes and demands that I put my face between her legs.  I lick her pussy and stick my tongue inside for a while, but she is having trouble concentrating and asks me to stop.  We both end our night frustrated and wanting to cum.

Blue balls can be a bad thing, but it also leads to the largest cum shots you will ever have.  

Blue Balls:

It’s fair to say most men have experienced blue balls at least once. Yeah, they were probably sexually frustrated at the time — I can’t think of any other time it would happen. And no, it’s not just a term for sexual frustration. Blue balls is totally real.

Most men can also recount how it happened. Some rendition of making out that led to foreplay that led to… nothing. “Maybe next time,” she said. All that sexual arousal and no orgasm. Like an overheated thermometer ready to burst. Men who get blue balls usually complain about intense pressure, heaviness, aching, and discomfort.

So, what are blue balls? As a man becomes sexually aroused, the arteries carrying blood to his genitals enlarge, while the veins carrying blood away constrict. This traps the blood in the genitals, helping him maintain an erection. It also swells the testes to 25 to 50 percent larger than their normal size. Soon, the man will reach orgasm and everything in the genitals will return to their normal state. Unfortunately, in this case, he doesn’t. Blood pressure continues to build in the genitals through a process called vasocongestion, which makes it feel like someone is squeezing the testes.

Though the testes certainly feel bruised and blue at this point, the term comes from the bluish hue that develops on the testicles, according to the University of California, Santa Barbara. Oxygen-rich blood passing through the body is red. But when it loses oxygen — from being trapped in the testicles — it begins to turn blue. Hence, blue balls.

While this may be the prevailing science behind why we get blue balls. Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, director of Men’s Health Boston and associate clinical professor of urology at Harvard Medical School, told us there may be another reason: Fluids produced in the testicles, which are meant to propel sperm out of the penis, build pressure.

“With more stimulation, there’s more blood flow to the genital region, including the testicles,” he said. “The fluid wants to get somewhere, but without there being that release, it builds up and builds pressure.” As the fluid builds up, it causes the tubes at the back of the testicles to stretch, causing pain. “It has that kind of sensitivity and tenderness.”

Having an orgasm and ejaculating is the easiest way to find relief from blue balls, and since it’s not going to come from having sex, masturbation might have to suffice. Once done, the pain and swelling associated with blue balls should go down. If masturbation isn’t an option, however, the pain will eventually still subside as the blood and fluids drain out. It’ll just take a bit longer.   Medical Daily

Project Day 2:  How To make Bigger Cum Shots

Day 2 (Morning):
My body is adapting.  Although I am erect, because I know I am going to edge and not fully orgasm, my dick isn’t completely hard.  Our alarm is going off and I ask Venice to lube her lips.  I slide my dick inside her and ask if her she wants to grab her toy and cum on my dick.   Stilll horny from the night before, she quickly reaches over and grabs her wand on the side of the bed.  I fuck her pussy off to the side as she rubs her toy against her clit, tightening and concentration on her own release.  Her best orgasms with her toy is when she has my dick in her ass, so after a few minutes, I slowly shove my dick inside her butt.  She doesn’t make a sound and continues to rub her clit as I slowly move back and forth giving her that full sensation only her ass being fucked can give her.  After about 10 minutes, she releases.  Its extremely intense and my dick is softening so her ass naturally pushes my dick out as her insides twitch and squeeze.  I can tell she is having a good cum.    

I get up and wash off.  I ask her to not wear panties to work and after she is done washing off, sit on my face while I stroke myself.  I wanted to feel that edge sensation.  An addict.  I knew I couldn’t cum, but I also knew I could control my edging better than anyone, as I have done it for years during long masturbation sessions. 

I make her ice coffee and place it in the fridge.  I come back in the room and she tells me to lay on the bed.  She is still nude.  I lay on the bed and she sits on my face.  Nothing makes me want to jack myself off more than having her pussy on my face and her ass hole resting right on my nose.  I do not know how women don’t fee uncomfortable being this exposed to another person, but Venice seems oblivious to me smelling all her most hidden body parts.  I suck on her lips, stick my tongue inside her vagina hole, and push her forward and tongue fuck her ass rim.  At the same time, I am holding my dick with two hands stroking as she watches.  She talks the entire time, using her own hands to pinch my nipples.  Sometimes in this position she will urinate a little in my mouth and demand I swallow her, but today she just wanted to be sucked on.  I built up an edge once but had no release. I kept my face buried inside her and enjoyed the sensation of stroking myself, while all my other senses enjoyed the taste of a woman’s pussy, the smell of a woman’s ass, and the visuals of two big ass cheeks resting on the bridge of my nose. 

I moved her off of my face and asked her to sit on my dick.  She obliged and rode my dick until it got soft inside her.  Rather than trying to fuck, I just laid there and felt the warmth of her walls and let my body relax, knowing I would not be able to cum inside her.  As I pulled out, my froth dripped from her inner lips.  My erection softening left my urethra dripping clear froth inside her.   This was now morning 2, for the first time in 20 years, I have sustained my release.   There had been days I wouldn’t cum in the morning, but no matter what, Venice would make sure I had my release that same night, always.  We are now in new waters.  

I know that sounds bad, that a man hasn’t not released in 24 hours in 20 years, but it’s the truth.   Partially because my wife is the most dedicated loyal person I have ever known, and partially because before she committed her entire life to me, I kept my teenage ways and would release myself each day, if I wasn’t active with Venice.

Day 2 (Night):
After work I go into the shower.  I sit on the couch with the camera on to our live stream and Venice gives me a  blow job, edging me 6 times before I have to stop.  From the various choking sounds, listening to her talk to me with my penis in her mouth, and having a long inaudible conversation just to turn me on, the memory is good.  I am goign to go another night without releasing, but still very much satisfied.  

The secrets to turning your testicles  into a sweat shop and forcing your little guys to pump out more cum than you can ever imagine.  

The Holy Grail

Buy some L-Arginine, Soya Lecithin granules, and some zinc with added selenium. You can buy these from online shops or vitamin stores.

The problem with L-Arginine is that it may give you stomach cramps. A bottle of L-Arginine pills will usually say take six of them a day to reach RDA.  However, only take one or two pills, pull them apart and mix the actual arginine powder with a cup of yogurt Do this twice daily.  After a week of doing this alone, masturbating will feel incredible.  Your penis will feel huge, tingle, and your cumshots will be much larger.  

Taking the zinc (don’t go over the RDA) alone will make you secrete much more prostatic fluid and make your cum thicker, creating the large ropes of cum you see in porn videos.

Taking the lecithin alone will increase the amount semen fluid.  This makes your seminal vesicles feel full.  I add a large teaspoon of lecithin granules with the arginine and yogurt.

Eating celery doesn’t increase the amount of cum but makes yoursemen pearly white.

All this for a week in combination with keeping hydrated and you will easily get you to the holy grail of 10ml of cum.  The average male cums between 2ml and 5ml.

Refraining from releasing any semen for days will guarantee you will release the biggest load of your life.  You also need to do kegel exercises too, not to increase your cum, but to have enough muscle power to squeeze your thick shots out of your shaft with enough force to send your cum flying.  Otherwise you may just dribble or pour out like a broken spout.   Taking lecithin and keeping hydrated is necessary to make your cum more watery.  The more watery it is, the more you’ll shoot at once.  This makes your cumshot look huge.  Much like when you urinate and squeeze out large shots of urine at the end of your stream, your semen can do the same thing.


Project Day 3:  How To make Bigger Cum Shots

Day 3 (Morning):
I woke up on turned on the camera to our live stream.  I do not know why we do this, because we do not interact and it is probably the worst sex cam ever.  But for us, it turns us on that at any time, anyone can be watching us.  Although we never really know.  I slide back in bed and rubbed coconut oil on my erect penis.  I slide myself inside her, waking her up.   I do not go fast or rough, just a nice slow steady pace for about 30 minutes, to get both of our bodies awake.  When she was ready, she got up and sat between my legs to massage me.  She also decided to tease me and stick a finger inside my anus to massage my prostate.  This drives me wild.  Eventually, I was scared I was going to cum so I begged her to stop.  

Day 3 (Night):
We both knew after work was going to end our 3 day fiasco with edging.  Venice was relieved because for the past few days she was concerned about a possible flare up with prostatitis. I was advised by my urologist to keep my prostate empty because of being prone to prostatitis issues.  Although I haven’t had a flare up in years, Venice was still worried and mentioned it multiple times to me.  She was also excited that she would get to swallow the largest amount of cum she has in her life, while at the same time making sure I didn’t get carried away with my own body.

I got out of the shower after work and laid in bed.  Venice sat herself in between my legs.  We had talked about what we were going to do 4 nights earlier and we both knew she would have me release during a massage / hand job.  It was just easier for her to control my orgasm while at the same time putting her mouth over my penis and experiencing the flow of cum onto her tongue.   After 20 minutes of massage, she slid her fingers inside my ass and massaged my prostate.  We passed my dick back and forth every few minutes and took turns stroking my it while she massaged my prostate from the inside. Although this feeling drives me wild, it also means she uses one hand on my shaft rather than both.  This creates a slight bend in my lower shaft and makes the massage a little less comfortable.  On a normal day, I’d be okay with this, but since I wanted the orgasm to be perfect to maximize my release, I asked her to wash off her finger real fast in the bathroom so she could come back and stroke my dick with both hands.  She understood and quickly went into the bathroom to clean off any possible mess that could be on her finger from digging deep inside my ass.  She came back and I was ready.  I was hard, my balls were aching, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold off much longer.  I am multi orgasmic, which I believe we have blogged about in the past.  After I orgasm I can keep having full orgasms, with ejaculations.  Each orgasm gets less and less full, because regardless of the orgasm feeling, the prostate does empty.  I figured that I would need to have multiple releases but was hoping Venice would still get to enjoy her entire mouth full.  My first release hurt and I felt like I was peeing inside Venice’s mouth.  I looked down but I couldn’t focus.  I pushed the fluids up my shaft as hard as I could and grunted with each release.  I then closed my eyes and told her to stroke again.  She knew I needed to release but I heard her making gargling sounds as she stroked me.  I looked down and she wanted to show me how full her mouth was.  It looked totally white and so full it seemed like she was in a bukkake scene.  She had to lean her head back to open her mouth and all I saw was cum.  The visual drove me wild and I grabbed her head and push her down on my dick again and released more semen into her mouth.  She later told me that she could feel my second orgasm shooting onto her tongue and back of her throat.  Because of the prostate massage, I couldn’t really fell how much I was cumming, but I knew it felt amazing.  I let go of her head and told her to stroke again.  She was moaning and making noise with all my cum in her mouth. I can’t explain the noise, but I can tell she was opening her lips slightly and blowing, to make sure I could hear all the semen stirring inside her cheeks.  I didn’t say anything, I just listened and squeezed my eyes shut because I still felt a huge load deep in my balls and the faster she stroked, the more I felt my prostate about to explode.  Venice made a sound and later said I shot cum all over her stomach, chest, and legs.  She said she wasn’t sure it shot out from the pressure or because of how she was stroking my dick.  I looked down and she was taking her finger and rubbing it on my cum shots, and then leaning her head back to suck on her finger and add more cum into her mouth.  I was done cumming, although still erect.   She began to do create things with my semen, like gargling, opening her mouth and showing me, rubbing her finger inside her mouth and then coating her lips with my cum.  I had never seen so much cum in a woman’s mouth.  I was excited to see her swallow and ask her how so much tasted.  Usually she says I am sweet or no real flavor, but with this much semen, there would have to be some sort of flavor.  She leans her head back and smiles, then swallows everything.  She sits between my legs smacking her lips as if she is trying to study the flavor.  She looks me in the eyes and says, kind of sweet with no other real flavor.  She then asked me if I could have came again.  I could have, but I feel like it would be been a dry orgasm.  I asked her if she wanted me to go 7 days without releasing next time.   She replied, “Never again, I want your cum every day.” 

/end project

how to make bigger cum shots and more cum how to make bigger cumshots and more cum how to make bigger cum shots and more cum how to make bigger cum shots and more cum


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I’m presently on day 12. I’ve been as long as 14. She wants me to attempt 18 days. I want this as well. 7 days and longer always end with what feels like me peeing cum into her: mouth, anus or pussy. Its incredible! Every man should try this just once.
They should also share the load, also at least once.
Another treat they should try once is pegging. No wonder women like vaginal sex….if the anus is any indication of the pleasure she enjoys vaginally, a man should know how it feels.