Q&A: My husband keeps asking me to pull my pants down real fast so he can see my vagina.

Q&A: My husband keeps asking me to pull my pants down real fast so he can see my vagina.

I am a 28 year old female and have a wonderful 27 year old husband and he’s very respectful and kind to me. He’s always made me feel so sexy and beautiful and he’s just very lovely. Now, we had a baby a few months ago so we haven’t been able to have sex a whole lot because we don’t have the time, and it took my body a little to bounce back. So things have been kinda boring for our sex life, but….my husband keeps doing something that’s weirding me out. Recently he asked me if I could pull down the front of my pants and underwear really quick and I was kinda confused but I did it for him and he looked and smiled. Since then, every so often he’ll randomly ask me to pull the front of my pants down so he can look at my vagina I guess, and he always makes a happy face. At first I thought he might’ve been being insanely cruel and drawing attention to my stretch marks or messy pubic hair, but he gives a genuine smile and not like a mocking or sarcastic one. I’ve asked him why and he said “no reason” but he said I didn’t have to and he didn’t want me doing anything I didn’t want to, and as of late I have been saying no (which he’s been respectful of).

This is weirding me out so much. I don’t know what the motive is or what he might be implying. I know my husband is a good person so I trust he doesn’t mean anything bad by it, but I’m just…confused.

(PS I’m on the spectrum so these things may not make sense to me all the time so sorry if it’s obvious and I’m just not seeing it)

Venice’s response to pull my pants down

Communication is always the key to these questions, so my advice is to just simply ask him.  

First, a woman’s bush is beautiful.  Second, stretch marks from his child is the sacrifice women make for their family.  Also beautiful.

In my opinion, it sounds like your husband enjoys asserting his dominance over you.  This probably gives him a thrill. He also seems to enjoy stripping you down at his command.  Remember, men start to lust us at a young age.  They fantasize about us.  As they grow into sexual maturity some of them do everything in their power to get inside a woman and see us nude.  The harder it is, the more special it becomes.  So when they finally get a woman that loves them and listens to them, it feels good.   He smiles because he loves to see your body, loves to be able to see a vagina whenever he wants, and probably loves that strip down when he asks.  From what I read, I do not believe he is asking you to pull your pants down to mock your bush or stretch marks.  He is smiling.  He likes it.  If you haven’t been sexual since having the baby, he probably misses your body and can’t wait to get back inside you. 

Personally, I am totally passive sexually and have permanent little girl role in my relationship, so I am into it.  You’ll have to figure out if being passive is something you are into as well.

Ryan’s response to pull my pants down

He seems to enjoy controlling you.  You’ll have to figure out if you want to be controlled. 

I do the same thing with my wife and we both enjoy it.  If I ask, she strip down.  I will do the same.   Sometimes when I walk by her she will depants me and have me butt ass naked in the middle of the room.  I will just grab my shorts and fake yell, then go about my business.  

Personally, we enjoy the  control over each other.  When I was growing up I didn’t realize you end up marrying your best friend and all the rules are out the window.  If I want to see a woman, I don’t have to wait for the end of the night after a date, slowly work my way down and hope she doesn’t stop me. I don’t have to go watch porn or hit up a strip club.  I just have to ask my best friend if I can see her pussy.  She shows me.  No other woman is going to show me her vagina or pull down their pants when I ask.  So for me, the openness keeps me totally connected to her.  

Your concerns regarding your stretch marks and bush seem to be unfounded.  He definitely is not asking you to pull down your pants to check your messy bush or look at your stretch marks.   It’s more likely he loves having a woman in his life that at any time he can ask her to remove her clothes and just look at her pussy.   Everything about that can be a turn on.