I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

i can't believe it's not butterAfter I looked up a word on my dictionary.com app, it redirected me to a commercial for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Even if you don’t use this brand of butter, which I do not, you still know what this is. To me, I know it for cheesy commercials with male 80s/90s model Fabio. The name itself is a joke, so having Fabio as a spokesperson for them is simply genius. But now, it looks like ICBINB has changed its tune and is forcing its consumers to take them more seriously. Apparently, they’ve got a new simplified recipe with no preservatives and containing the “good fats” etc. etc. etc. That’s not the point. The new commercial does not have a long-haired Italian blonde man with an accent so thick it’s comical.  Instead, it has a new revamped version of a dark-haired, bearded muscular American chef who looks like Kahl Drogo from “The Game of Thrones.” Within seconds of the new ad, ICBINB is taking a more serious, seductive stance with their new campaign. Let me break down the 30-second pornmmercial.

0:01 — Opening scene: A magical poof of flour is thrown onto the table at what looks like to be a renaissance fair, but with aprons and toques instead of armor and swords.  Flour dust – if you listen close, each grain that hits the chopping board makes the sound of a unsuspecting pool boy being watched by a horny housewife.

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