Q&A: I have physical orgasms, but not mental. Is there more?

orgasmI am a 27 year old female and I think I orgasm. I have the physical feeling, wetness, waves of heat, vaginal clenches. It builds and releases like a sneeze but that’s it. I feel like I’m missing something, should something be happening in my mind? Some explosion, earth moving, angels singing moment? Am I broken? Is there a physical problem? I’m in a serious relationship and very much turned on by my partner and I love having sex I just feel there should be more. Please help. female orgasms female orgasms female orgasms

Venice’s response:
I can see how you feel like you’re missing something in your orgasms. But everything you described, the physical feeling, wetness, waves of heat, and vaginal clenches, is all part of the orgasmic experiences. It’s not a one, clear-cut moment that defines an orgasm, it’s a combination of events and phases that make an orgasm (YOUR orgasm) one that you achieve with your partner. You’re not alone in feeling like something is “missing.” Women in general have been duped, or misled rather, into believing so many media-driven misconceptions.

Myth: When a woman orgasms, she will have an earth-shattering experience that will cause her to scream in her lover’s ear, i.e. “When Harry Met Sally” diner scene. And the louder she is, the better her lover was in bed.

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