V’s Weekly Wet Inbox: How Did You Learn To Like Anal Sex?

Anal Cum
Great sex includes anal.


Venice, how did you learn to like anal sex? I feel hurt my husband isn’t happy with just my vagina and oral sex.  Right now the anal sex itself hurts me, it gives me the “I have to poop” feeling, and I feel like as a woman I give up enough of myself already, why should he also have that area?  It wasn’t made for that.  Answers and advice please! 

After realizing vag sex put a limitation on our sex life, I knew I wanted to explore anal. It’s a new sensation that doesn’t compare to vag sex.  I’m not saying it’s better or worse, but I think every woman should try it at least once.  But before you do, open up your mind to the idea of analing as way to bring new excitement between you and your man.  If your mind doesn’t embrace it, you’ll hate it.  My initial techniques included playing with my clit to get myself wet and using my own juices to play with my ass hole.  I controlled how deep my fingers went in, how fast I fucked my own ass, and when I was ready to let my man stick his cock in me.  All the while he would watch me, stroking his dick to get himself hard.  Then he’d lube himself to make it even more easier to slide right in.

Control was a big issue for me, too, when it came to analing. Being in control made me enjoy it more because I was the one to tell him I was ready for him to fuck me, I controlled how fast he pumped, and I made him fuck me deep.

Don’t see it as “I give up enough of myself already.”  He’s your husband and a partner in everything you do, including sex.  There is no room for pride and shame in the bedroom.  Once I learned to love anal, I ASKED for it.  Sometimes we’d start off in my pussy, but then I would tell him to fuck my ass.  I make him hold my ankles up by my head and scream at him to fuck me deep.  To me the best feeling is when he puts his entire dick in me so that his balls are touching my lower back.  “Fuck my ass deep..Show me where you want to shoot your load.”  He pulls his cock almost all the way out before he rams it all the way, using his body weight as momentum to drive as deep as he can.  I can fuck like that all day. Even a pussy can only take so much cock, but the ass doesn’t have that same limitation.

Give it a try.  You will feel discomfort if you’re not used to it, but once your mind is ready to get fucked in the ass, your body (and ass) will yearn for it.