Threesome Memoirs – Face Fucking, Semen, And Threesomes

face fucking threesomeThere are three things I love: Ryan’s cum, face-fucking, and threesomes. I was lucky enough to experience all three at the same time. You may ask, “Doesn’t every face-fucking end with Ryan cumming in my throat? Yes, sometimes even twice.” But it has never happened during a threesomes, and not every intimate moment ends in him orgasming. You may also ask, “Doesn’t every threesome end in you or Ryan having an orgasm?” No, definitely not.

Ryan and I made a promise to have intimate time with each other every morning and evening (to start and end our days — the circle). This doesn’t mean that I have to orgasm or that he has to orgasm. The decision on whether or not we will orgasm can be just as uncertain as to how we decide to spend our intimate time with together. Ryan can let me know which of my holes he is currently obsessed on, but I control whether or not we wait for later to orgasm or end our intimacy with a bang (literally). Sometimes we will fuck until my body and vagina feel raw and if he hasn’t came, I will let him know the clock is ticking. “If it doesn’t happen in the next few minutes, you’ll have to wait until tonight,” I’ll tell him. Or tomorrow. Whatever I feel like telling him. I work hard to empty his balls. Very hard. And I take a lot of pride in what I do. I like knowing that I can bring him to climax quickly, intensely, or in multiple amounts. I love it all. It makes me feel like a woman and it makes me feel like I’ve done my job as a wife.

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