Review: Screeched (Screech or Dustin “Dirty Sanchez” Diamond) Sex Tape

dustindiamondWhen it comes to sex tapes, this is the one that possibly killed the entire movement.  Dustin Diamond, better known as Screech from Saved By The Bell, pulls out all his tricks for this one… or does he?

Screeched, Saved By The Smell, was supposedly recorded in a St. Louis hotel room with the intention to sell as a “leaked” sex tape.  Although Dustin Diamond has said that he tried to stop the tape being “leaked”, David Hans Schmidt of Red Light District Video, has said Dustin was in on the deal the entire time.  Although Schmidt has claimed the video is 100% authentic to his knowledge, a lot of people question Dustin is actually the guy behind the penis.

“Dustin was in on this deal from the start,” Schmidt tells us. “He made this tape in a St. Louis hotel room with two girls last summer with the intention that I would sell it.”  Schmidt showed us what he vouches is Diamond’s signature on a contract dated Aug. 27, 2006. Attached is a cover letter on which Diamond’s manager, Roger Paul, appears to have scribbled, “Let’s make some money!” Schmidt suspects Diamond has been doubly deceptive. “I have reason to believe that is not Dustin’s [manhood] in the movie,” says the agent. “You never see his face and his [manhood] in the same shot. If, in fact, he used a body double, I’m going to sue him for defrauding me, Red Light and the American public.

Our only question is, why would anyone use that penis as a stunt double?  It’s quite possibly the ugliest looking penis we’ve ever seen.

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