Q&A: How Can I Get My Wife To Give Me Blow Jobs Again?

blow jobI need some advice on how to approach my wife about giving me blow jobs again.

I love sex, but blow jobs are much better in my opinion. My wife¬†doesn’t give me as much sex as I would like either, but I want to address one problem at a time. She used to be enthusiastic about giving me daily blow jobs when we first started dating. Things were great. She tells me that I’m just imagining this, but I know my memories are real. Than we moved in together and it lowered to once per week. I didn’t think anything of it. We bought a cat and it lowered to once per month when she was on her period. We got married 3 years ago and the last blow job (where I finish in her mouth) that she has given me, without months of begging and hinting, was the third day of our honeymoon. Now I have to hint, beg, and complain for about 6 months before she’ll at least do it as 4 play and it only lasts for about 10 seconds. I’m getting really depressed and fed up about it. I’ve asked and she always has an excuse. I can’t sleep tonight because I’m so depressed about this situation. I give her oral as often as she wants and she loves it, but she refuses to reciprocate. I’ve asked female friends and they tell me to do things that I already do (i.e. help with the cooking, cleaning, give compliments, regular date nights, etc.) I’m out of ideas and I can’t sleep tonight because I’ve been hinting for 7 months with no luck and I really deserved one today. I cleaned the whole apartment, cooked a delicious dinner with no help, washed the dishes, listened to her complain about her job, agreed with her that her boss is stupid, and gave her a massage. All I want is what she at least pretended to like doing before I fell in love. I don’t think that is asking to much. I give her nightly massages and foot rubs and she won’t take no for an answer. If I don’t, than she starts kicking me until I do it. I can’t kick her because I’ll go to jail. I’ve tried to bring it up before and it usually leads to us having a fight, so does anyone have any ideas? Maybe some advice on a better way to word my request?

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