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Body Condom
Body condom: The future of porn?

After reading an article in the “L.A. Times” entitled “Porn stars oppose plan requiring condoms on adult-film sets,” I’m going to have to say that I agree with the porn stars on this one.  Most of them don’t wear condoms, but some do.  I, myself, have only seen condoms in a porn about 3 or 4 times.  People watch porn to jack off to, as an aid to foreplay, and to spice up their sex lives, and seeing a rubber on a guy might actually be a counterproductive measure.  Condoms mean precaution.  Condoms mean safety.  condoms mean sensibility.  When I watch a porn, the last thing I want to see are supposedly dirty, freaky people throwing caution to the wind.  When the guy cums, it’s not as dirty to see him shoot into a condom.
As the article stated, all adult film stars are required to undergo HIV and STD testing every 2-4 weeks, even though according to it takes most people 2-8 weeks for HIV antibodies to show up on a test (  But I suppose they test so often that they believe they can detect HIV before more are infected by the time victim #1 is quarantined.
And what about dental dams? Can’t AIDS be transmitted through cuts and sores in the mouth, too? At least that’s what they told us in Sex Ed.  Are they going to have to start using dental dams too?  If they’re going to be forced to wear condoms, when will it end?
They’re adults. They understand (or at least) are aware of the the dangers associated with working in the porn industry. Like any other profession, you may experience bodily harm no matter how careful you are.  Nurses are exposed to infections, soldiers may get shot, and even secretaries get carpal tunnel disease. But like the porn star who can minimize his/her risk of communicable diseases by using a condom, nurses can get a flu shot, soldiers can work a non-infantry job, and secretaries can use ergonomic office furniture.  Or not.  No one should be “required” to do use anything.  Should employers provide these safety measures?  Yes.  
Sex is fun, exciting, dirty, and, for all intents and purposes, dangerous all wrapped into one.  Let them keep it that way.
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