Review: Fidelity G-Spot (Double Penetration) by Masturgasm

Let’s start this review off with a bit of a disclaimer.  We really just do reviews for fun, not to be the most informative or sex toy gurus in the sex blogosphere. If you are a long time reader, then you know most of our blogs are light-hearted and fun.  If you are new to our site and reading reviews to get accurate research information on a sex toy that you are planning on sticking inside your anus, you may want to check out another site.  This is not what we do.

So let’s talk about Masturgasm. We browsed there catalog and saw a variety of toys that looked interesting to say the least. Even if you aren’t in the market for sex toys, their catalog is a blog topic in itself.  Awesome looking butt plugs shaped like fat girls, animal penises, and even a dildo that is shaped like Darth Vader.  I seriously didn’t even skim the top of all the variety they have.  Anything you can think of has been turned into a dildo.  Looking for a semi truck with a flat tired on the side of a highway on the planet Mars?  They have it! Not only do they have it, they also have that truck drivers penis molded in the shape of a tire iron.  Crazy dildos for crazy nights indeed.

Fidelity_G_SpotWhat we decided to do was be a little less crazy and try out the Fidelity G-Spot.   You know, a simple double penetration, clitoris massager, cock ring, and ball stretcher all in one.  Yea, pretty much we were not going to go crazy at all.  Just an average day here for Venice and I at

I’ve never seen anything like this before so I will give my opinion from my perspective and Venice will write a short review of her experience with the toy as well.

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