Your Self-Stock (part 2) – Older Women Fuck Better

stock-market-womenOlder Women Fuck Better

In a previous blog Venice wrote about her self-stock (How My Self-Stock Changes Over The Years) and made a lot of great points.  She spoke about her younger days and how she viewed herself, to how she changed over the years.  This blog came to fruition during a car ride when I was trying to explain to her that a guy in my position has no desire to ever cheat.  She understood, but I wanted her to really understand, so I came up with a self stock analogy to try and better explain myself.

When I was a younger I used to watch television and for whatever reason, spot a random woman from say…a shampoo commercial.  My eyes would fixate on how she washed her hair in the shower, showing parts of her body, and I would fantasize about the different things we would do together…nude…while rubbing her breasts on my face.  I didn’t need direct contact, I just needed a thought of her.  Those thoughts turned into dirty ideas, those dirty ideas took a life of their own.  Without the woman ever knowing me, she took advantage of me…in so many good ways.  In my mind, I came up with various scenarios, and as soon as my young body would orgasm, I no longer thought of the woman taking a shower washing her hair again… or until next time I saw the commercial.

At that time in my life, it didn’t matter if you were a random woman on a commercial that would never say a word to me, or a girl in my class that thought I was cute. Any woman, regardless of her self-stock, was a possibility for me.

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