Random Thoughts: Marriage, Shallow Thoughts, Pussy Boyfriends, & Fat Cocks

pussy boyfriendsI’ve been with Ryan a long time. A really long time. Maybe not to some who are in their 80s, but in comparison to the number of years I’ve been alive. I started thinking about how I never wanted to get married. I’m not sure if it was because it was easier to not work at being in a real relationship and just do whatever the fuck you want, or if it was because I just never found the right person to challenge me at being a good girlfriend. Fortunately, and please excuse the cornball analogy, Ryan has thrown down the gauntlet and accepted the challenge. pussy boyfriends

I really don’t think that simply having parents who are still married has much influence on the type of relationship I choose to have or be in. Instead, I think it has a lot to do more with psychological issues and not just values and upbringing. Because although my parents are still married, and like every child in a two-parent household, I’ve seen them go through rough times. There’s nothing special about them – they weren’t high school sweethearts, they weren’t lovey, and they weren’t role model parents/spouses. But I like to think the household and family they created conceived the perfect me, Venice Bloggs, the same person to whom Ryan has promised his soul and loyalty. So I’ll never complain about my upbringing and everything because why? I’m perfect (for Ryan), and what is flawed and cause for break-up in other relationships, he embraces them and lovingly refers to them as my own delicious personality traits. pussy boyfriends

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