Threesome Memoirs – The Break Up

breaking upRyan: So finally, a little bit of drama. For anyone who likes to stay clear of drama this next threesome memoir may not be for you.  If you do not enjoy hot irons flying across the room, shoes being thrown at faces, and fist fights on the front lawn, you may want to leave this blog now. This memoir is about our last experience with a girl we have spent almost a year fucking, and then the break up.  You know, the sex, the good times, the bad times, the tears, the crying, the broken hearts, the drama, and everything else that comes along with adding a new person to your relationship.

And maybe one day we will have all of the above for you to wet your chops and read through, but unfortunately, much like all of our experiences, we just do not attract drama.   I lied in the intro. That was my attention grabber.  That will probably be the most exciting thing you’ll read in this blog today.  Everything we do is talked through and thought out.  Since there is no emotional attachment to the other girl, when one of us decides we no longer want to spend time with her, we no longer invite her over.   As far as friendships or relationships outside of the bedroom go, Venice and I have never had real friendships with anyone we’ve dealt with.

Venice:  I’m not a hit-it-and-quit-it kind of person. At least I wasn’t in the beginning. My feelings changed from one female to the next and with each subsequent experience. At first, I really wanted a friendship. I wanted to get to know her as a person. I wanted to know things about her, not just what she looked between her legs. I wanted her to be curious about me, not just see me as someone she ate out every other Friday.  I wanted a friend, someone that I could talk to and hang out with with our clothes on. I thought I wouldn’t feel comfortable with Ryan not accepting the the third. I wanted her to accept us as a couple, not just me accepting her for a threesome. I wanted us all to get along. Once we realized that because we were a couple, no single female really saw a future in a relationship with us (which is correct), we became more of a side thing in her life.  There are women who enjoy the thrill of joining a couple, but while single and playing the field, they possibly had more serious dates that took precedent.  Even though I am okay with this, I decided that a friendship wasn’t really worth it and became the hit-it-and-quit it person I didn’t want to be. I did want any girl we played with to be polite as a person. I did want her to be freaky in bed (and submissive). And I did want her to be honest, unattached, and to take care of her body, etc. It was a combination of things that could make or break a threesome relationship. Maybe it was a combination of expecting too much and not communicating these things to our threesome partners.

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